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About the Ipswich Street Project

The Boston Conservatory is excited to announce the launch of its Ipswich Street Project, benefitting the Conservatory’s new building at 132 Ipswich Street. The lot was purchased in December 2011 and is currently being developed as a three-story, 20,000-square-foot building planned to house performance space, a large orchestra rehearsal hall, new dance studios and instructional and student service areas.

President Richard Ortner is pleased to announce that the campaign is debuting with strong support from The Boston Conservatory Board of Trustees and Overseers, as demonstrated by the generous financial commitments from many of its members. The funds secured by the Conservatory equalling $4.5 million, is more than two-thirds of the way towards the fundraising goal of $7 million.

“The money that we have received is a wonderful reflection of our boards’ passion for the Conservatory and the future of our students,” said Leslie Jacobson Kaye, Vice President for Institutional Advancement. “It has been amazing to see all the support we have from the people involved with our institution.”

Before appealing to the public for support, The Boston Conservatory challenged its boards to set the tone of leadership for this campaign. An added incentive came from long-time Conservatory patrons George and Lizbeth Krupp, who promised to donate $500,000 if the boards could unite and raise a combined $1 million in gifts before December 31. Not only was the goal reach ahead of the deadline, the two boards raised more than $1,150,000, surpassing the goal by 15%.

Lizbeth Krupp, chair of The Krupp Family Foundation, is dedicated to contributing to the common good of the Boston community through efforts that advance the arts, foster cultural expression and improve, strengthen and transform children’s futures. The Krupps recognized that the Ipswich Project, located in the vibrant Fenway neighborhood, will help foster creativity as well as inspire students to courageously perform at the highest level in their art, and their lives.

Now well under construction, the new building is taking shape and students are envisioning the opportunities it enables. There is still work to be done before the anticipated opening in summer 2014, many of which will be made possible by donations. The Boston Conservatory is hoping to reach its final goal of $7 million with the support of the local community, performing arts patrons, alumni, friends and parents.

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