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Board Members


Our Board of Trustees is charged with preserving the integrity of The Boston Conservatory’s mission, setting policy for and overseeing the leadership of the institution, and supporting and promoting the college. The president and chief financial officer report directly to the Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees of The Boston Conservatory is an elected, volunteer body representing professionals from the corporate, financial, legal, educational, arts, and community service fields.  Current trustees* include:

David Scott Sloan, Esq., Chairman
Chair, Private Wealth Services, Holland & Knight LLP

Laura D. Kunkemueller, Vice Chair
Principal, MERCER

Gregory E. Bulger, Treasurer
Trustee, Gregory E. Bulger Foundation

Alfred D. Houston, Immediate Past Chairman
Chairman (retired), National Grid USA

Richard Ortner, President
The Boston Conservatory

Ron Ancrum
Executive Director, The Learning Lab, Nurtury

Elizabeth S. Boveroux
Vice President (retired), Eaton Vance Management

Davi-Ellen Chabner
Author, The Language of Medicine

Cynthia K. Curme
Trustee, The Boston Symphony Orchestra

JoAnne Walton Dickinson
Attorney, teacher and editor 

Dr. Diana Dohrmann, '71
Music Faculty, Burlington (NJ) County College

Gail S. Flatto
Boston Arts Academy Advocate
Group Leader, Beacon Hill Seminars

Mimi Hewlett
Chair Emerita, Pathfinders International

Janet Sharp Kershaw
Community Volunteer and Board Member

Teresa Koster
Division President, Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk 

B.J. Krintzman, Esq.
The Law Offices of B.J. Krintzman

Kelly C. McKernan
V.P./Portfolio Manager, Boston Private Bank & Trust

Joseph C. McNay
Chairman, C.F.O., M.P., Essex Investment Management Company, Inc.

Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
Director, Sports Medicine, Boston Children's Hospital

Charlotte Prescott Newton
Community Activist

Anthony Pangaro
Principal, Millenium Partners - Boston

Christopher D. Perry
Senior Fiduciary Officer, Northern Trust Bank

Suzanne H. Rollert
Owner, CAREERS-MA by Design, LLC

Darius Sidebotham
Financial Advisor/V.P., Bernstein Global Wealth Management

Peter J. Wender
Principal Developmental Scientist, Draper Laboratory

George C. White
Founder/President Emeritus
Eugene O'Neill Theater Center

Marillyn Zacharis
Board Member, Ploughshares Literary Magazine
Emerson College, and Tower Hill Botanic Garden

Rhoda Bernard, Faculty Trustee
Chair, Music Education /Director,  Boston Conservatory Program for Students on the Autism Spectrum

Tyler Whitaker '15, MTh, Student Trustee
President, Student Government Association 


Trustees Emeriti/ae

  • Caroline McMillan Collings
  • Franklin Warren Hobbs, III
  • Gary R. Mikula
  • Robert P. Moncreiff, Esq.
  • Glendora Putnam, Esq.
  • William Seymour, President Emeritus
  • Donald H. Sohn, Ph.D.


A voluntary Board of Overseers supports the advancement of the Conservatory by consulting on special projects, serving as representatives of the College, and providing expertise and guidance to the President. The overseers strengthen our ties to the community and ensure the broadest possible diversity and community representation. Current members* include:

  • John F. Natoli, Esq., Chair
  • Thomas Kush, Immediate Past Chair
  • Howard H. Bengele, Ph.D.
  • Peter P. Campisano, Ph.D.
  • Doreen Donovan Corkin
  • Prescott B. Crocker
  • Anne N. Cuervo
  • Warren R. Cutler
  • Sasiree Cutter
  • Ronald F. Duska, Ph.D., P'17
  • Steven E. Eisenberg, Esq., P'17
  • Miles A. Fish III '63
  • Kate Sides Flather
  • Edward C. Fleck
  • Jill A. Fopiano, C.F.A.
  • John S. Foster
  • Remmi Franklin
  • Jennifer A. Fraser
  • Andrew Friedland
  • Jo-Del Gaeth
  • Christina P. Glen
  • Preston Grandin
  • Jean Hackett
  • Alice Jacobs
  • Elaine B. Kirshenbaum
  • Kate Kush
  • Erin V. Lehman, Ph.D.
  • Marilyn Levitt
  • Ricardo Lewitus, M.D.
  • Richard V. 'Doc' Lombardi ‘50
  • Michele Manganaro
  • Frederick T. Miller
  • Michael G. Moyer
  • Pamela M. Murray
  • Barbara G. Papesch
  • Stacy Parkinson, Esq., P'14 P'16
  • Kathryn Pohl P'16
  • H. Calvin Place
  • Geraldine R. Ricci
  • Ivy C. Scricco
  • Warren A. Seamans
  • Jason S. Weissman
  • Amy K. Wertheim
  • Edward G. Wertheim
  • Marilyn H. Zuckerman, Esq.
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