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Practice Room Policy

Building Hours

8 The Fenway

31 Hemenway Street

132 Ipswich Street

1112 Boylston Street

*Building hours are subject to change and will be clearly posted. 

Reservation Guidelines

  • Any person displaying a current Conservatory ID or Alumni ID may use unlocked practice rooms for personal practice. Staff, practice room monitors, or security officers may ask you to produce your ID card at any time.  No unauthorized access is allowed. 
  • The "ten minute rule": If a room is vacated or empty for more than ten minutes, the room becomes available to whomever is present.  If a student is more than ten minutes late to their reservation, they lose their reservation.  In the case of a faculty member, the room may be used until the faculty member returns but must then be relinquished when the faculty member arrives. 
  • Students are not permitted to use Conservatory rooms to conduct private teaching. 
  • Students are strongly discouraged from leaving personal belongings in practice rooms. 
  • All daily booking schedules become set at 11:59p.m. the evening before. All unbooked space becomes available first-come, first-served at that time.
  • The City of Boston’s Noise Ordinance requires that all windows be closed during practice between the hours of 11:00 p.m.–8:00 a.m.


Practice needs at the Conservatory may be met by using both reserved and unreserved rooms...

Unlocked Practice Rooms  

Unlocked practice rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


Open classrooms may be reserved through 25Live for personal practice when they are not being used for classes, rehearsals, or recitals. In accordance with the ten- minute rule, unreserved open classrooms may be used on a first-come, first-served basis.

Locked Practice Rooms  

(For current Conservatory students and faculty only - *** No Alumni Practice***)

Locked studios, 8 The Fenway: 004, 005, 204, 206, 301, 302, 306, 307, 407, 408, 501 and 502; T405 and T406) are available for student practice when they are not being used by Music Division faculty for applied teaching. These rooms may be reserved for student practice when not in use via 25Live

All students must adhere to the following procedures in order to use locked studios: 

  • The security guards at the front desk will distribute keys to unreserved studios on a first-come, first-served basis. In studios not previously reserved, students may have to relinquish the room if another booking is arranged later.   
  • Sign in by exchanging your Student ID for the studio key at the Campus Security Desk. Print and sign your name in the log. Only your Boston Conservatory ID is acceptable, and you must take it to the desk yourself. By signing out a key you agree to follow all practice room policies. 
  • No keys will be distrbuted after 1:00a.m. and all keys must be returned to the Security Desk no later than 1:45a.m.
  • When you have finished practicing, remove all trash and belongings, close all windows and piano lids, lock the door, and return the key to the desk in order to obtain your ID. 
  • Giving the key to anyone else, leaving a booked room for long periods of time, and not returning a key are not permitted. Keys not returned after the building has closed will be considered lost, and a violation will be documented (see section below titled "Violations - Students").
  • The Music Education Lab (007) is not a practice room and will not be unlocked by Security unless directed to do so by the Scheduling Office, the Music Division Office, or the Theater Division Office.  

Reservation Procedure

Reserved rooms can be booked via the 25Live online application. If you do not already have 25Live access, you can email

Daily space schedules are set at 11:59 p.m. the evening prior. Each day, unbooked spaces will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. No "day of" bookings will be available. In the case of special circumstances, the Scheduling Office can make an exception to this policy.

All concert bookings and large space inquiries (Houston Hall, Seully Hall, Hemenway T401, and Ipswich 106) will continue to be handled by the Concert Services Manager.


All students may reserve rooms for up to 3 hours per day and two weeks in advance. Established chamber groups enrolled in chamber music may reserve more time via their faculty coaches. Senior Directors may book additional time if you are listed on the current Theater Division Senior Director list. Students may not use a room previously reserved by a faculty member unless their name has been added to the reservation. 


Faculty members are subject to the same reservation system as students. Faculty may reserve as many hours as necessary to teach Boston Conservatory students on a given day, within any given semester. Faculty members are strongly encouraged to release a standing reservation when it is not needed (or contact the Scheduling Office to do so). 

Note: Students are not required to relinquish rooms for faculty members who have not made prior reservations. Security is not required to expel any person with a reservation in favor of someone without. Faculty without a reservation may ask a student to relinquish a room, provided there is no other space available, but the student reserves the right to refuse.

Staff Accompanists

Staff Accompanists are subject to the same reservation system as students. Accompanists may reserve as many hours as necessary to work with Boston Conservatory students on a given day, 48-hours in advance. Utilizing space for non-Boston Conservatory related events/practice is not permitted.

Piano Priority

Every attempt will be made to accommodate piano majors. Preference is given to piano majors with respect to reserving all rooms with grand pianos. For example, 132 Ipswich studios 103, 203, and 303, when not being utilized by faculty for teaching, may be reserved only by piano students. Non-piano students not rehearsing with accompanists may only reserve grand piano studios when no other space is available for the time they are requesting. A pianist may not ask another student to leave a room unless that pianist has made a reservation for the room/time in use. 

Locked Pianos

Locked pianos (Seully Hall, Concert Room, etc.) will only be unlocked if a reservation is made in advance through the Concert Services Manager. Special permission to use locked pianos may also be granted by the Music, Theater, or Dance Division offices.

Piano Care and Room Condition

It is extremely important that all users keep the practice rooms, studios and pianos in their best possible condition. Most importantly, never place any food or drink on, in, or next to a piano. Care should also be taken not to sit on, stand on, or deface any of the instruments. Clean up after yourself before leaving. No food or drink (except water) is permitted in classrooms and concert halls. Water bottles must be kept tightly closed. All windows and piano lids must be closed when leaving any room. In short, use common sense. 


Any violations to these policies, including but not limited to: vandalism, instrument damage, unauthorized access, and failure to return a Conservatory key, will be documented by campus security and result in the following disciplinary actions:

  • First Offense: A reminder/warning will be given. 
  • Second Offense: No access to locked practice rooms and deactivation of 25Live accoutnt for one week from date of violation. 
  • Third Offense: Referred for judicial action, which may result in loss of practice room privileges for a longer period of time (for example, the remainder of the semester) and deactivation of 25Live account for an equal amount of time. Final decision is decided by Judicial Hearing Officer.


Alumni violations of this policy will be dealt with immediately and accordingly by the Office of Alumni Affairs.

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