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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers here to frequently asked questions regarding admission to The Boston Conservatory.

If you cannot find the answer to your questions here or within our website, please e-mail the Office of Admissions ( and the staff will be happy to help. 

Application Questions

How do I apply?

Prospective students may apply online only. Applications for 2014 will be available September 1, 2013.

When is the application deadline?

The application deadline for all divisions is December 1 for Fall enrollment. The application deadline for Music Education is April 1.

Can I mail my resume and essay?

Your artistic resume and essay should be uploaded directly to your online application.

What scores do you look for on the SAT or ACT?

SAT or ACT scores are required as part of your application process. However, The Boston Conservatory does not have a minimum score requirement for admission. Scores are used as another tool to evaluate you academically. The Office of Admissions has no preference as to which test you take.

What is the minimum GPA required for admission?

The minimum requirement for admission is a 2.7 GPA for undergraduate freshman applicants, and a 3.0 GPA for graduate and transfer applicants.

What should I do about transcripts if I have been home-schooled?

Home-schooled applicants are required to submit a curriculum, grades received, and a signed letter from their respective school district stating that the applicant has received the equivalent of a high school diploma from the district or, in lieu of a letter, the GED.

How many applications are received each year?

Last year, The Boston Conservatory received approximately 2,000 applications for admission (about 1,000 music, 750 theater, and 250 dance).

Do you have a wait list?

The Boston Conservatory maintains a wait list for select majors. Upon notification of wait list status, students are given a timeline that addresses their receipt of a final admission decision (and enrollment deadline, if applicable).

Audition Questions

How do I schedule an audition?

Applicants schedule their own audition through our online application. Instructions will be sent via email within 24 hours of application submission.

How can I change or cancel my audition?

If you need to change or cancel your audition, simply log back into your application to decline your event/audition, and sign up for the new event. Please contact the Admissions Office if you have any questions.

Do you require preliminary screening recordings for auditions?

We require preliminary recordings for all Voice program applicants (male and female), including Vocal Pedagogy, Choral Conducting, Collaborative Piano, Orchestral Conducting, Multi-Woodwind, and Artist Diploma applicants. Composition applicants need to send a portfolio before being invited to schedule an interview.

When will I receive the results of my pre-screen recording?

If your pre-screen is received by the deadline, results will be sent via email in late December. If you are invited for a live audition or interview, you will then be given instructions how to sign up for a specific date and time. 

Program Questions

Is there part-time enrollment?

We do not offer part time enrollment, except in the Master of Music in Music Education program.

Do you have a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Ed?

Our Music Education program is a graduate program only; however there is also a 5 year BM/MMED track. On this track, a student starts as a Bachelor of Music candidate on a principal instrument. During the junior year, a student can apply for the Master’s degree in Music Education. A student must maintain a 3.0 GPA, have a positive letter of recommendation, and pass the interview in order to be accepted into the graduate Music Education program after their junior year.

Do you have degree programs in theater education, technical theater, music business or producing/directing?

We do not. We are a performance-based school, except for our Music Education degree programs. However, Musical Theater majors may have an emphasis in directing their senior year. Music Business courses may be taken at Berklee through the Pro Arts Consortium.

What type of Liberal Arts courses will I be taking?

Liberal Arts classes are based in the humanities, thus students take primarily English and history courses. One science- or math-related course is also required. 

Visit Questions

Can I meet with faculty or take a lesson?

If you would like to meet with a faculty member or have a lesson, please email the admissions office at to obtain the necessary contact information for our faculty. Though we do provide faculty contact information, we do not personally schedule meetings or lessons. Please contact the faculty directly to setup lessons.

When are your tours?

We offer tours Monday through Friday throughout the academic year (except on holidays), and Monday through Thursday in the summer. All tours are by appointment only and can be scheduled through our campus visit registration page. Please feel free to contact the admissions office with any questions about the tour schedule.

Acceptance Questions

What are admissions decisions based on?

All decisions are first based on the audition. Applicants that are artistically acceptable are then reviewed by the admissions committee. The committee looks over your grades, test scores, letters of recommendations and your essay to determine final acceptance.

Are decisions mailed or emailed?

All decisions will be sent electronically. You will receive an email when your decision is available online. Undergraduate notifications will be sent by April 1. Undergraduate enrollment deposits are due by May 1. Graduate notifications will be sent by March 15, and enrollment deposits are due by April 15. Music Education decisions are sent by May 1, and enrollment deposits are due by May 15.

Can I defer admission?

Deferment requests are not available, except in the Masters of Music Education program, and on a select case by case basis.

Enrollment Questions

Can I apply for Spring Semester?

 No, we do not offer Spring enrollment.

Can I cross register for classes in different divisions?

This is entirely up to the student’s credit load and the discretion of the faculty. Space is limited in many classes.

Can I double major at your school?

No, double majors or minors are not permitted at our institution. The curriculum is very prescribed and extremely intense. We want students to concentrate on their particular field with all available time and energy.

Can you double major at any of the ProArts Consortium schools?


Enrollment Figures

How many students attend The Boston Conservatory?

We have approximately 720 students. We have 500 undergraduate students and 220 graduate students. There are 410 music majors, 100 dance majors and 210 theater majors. The female to male ratio is approximately 2:1.

Where do most of your students come from?

We enroll students from 29 countries. The majority of our domestic students come from California, New York, Massachusetts and Florida, and our international students come mainly from Taiwan, China, and Japan.

How big is the 1st year Master's in music class?

Class size averages 80 to 90 students. 

How big is the freshman Dance class?

Class size averages 30 to 35 students.

How big is the freshman Theater class?

Class size averages about 60 students. You are broken into core groups of 12 to 15 students. These core groups will take core Musical Theater classes together and then get placed into dance courses, which are assigned by skill level.

Financial Aid Questions

What is annual tuition?

2013—2014 Tuition & Fees

How are scholarships awarded?

Scholarships are primarily merit or talent-based, with your financial need considered. We offer a limited number need-based grants. We do not offer academic scholarship. 

Do you have graduate assistantships?

A limited number of assistantships are available to graduate students in the Music Division only. This is in addition to any merit aid you may receive. Graduate music assistantships are only available in Music History (not Theory). Students are assigned two to four undergraduate labs per semester. Pay is approximately $10/hour allowing students to earn up to $1,000-2,000 per semester. These assistantships do not reduce tuition or waive fees. They are guaranteed on-campus employment offered upon notification of acceptance. To apply for these assistantships, students should indicate this on their online application. Students may also "walk-in" during their Boston audition and take a qualifying exam. For more information, please contact Andy Vores, Chair of Composition, Theory and Music History at

Campus Questions

Do you have residence halls?

We have five brownstones on campus that serve as our residence halls. They are beautiful, newly renovated buildings. All freshmen are required to live on campus. Most freshmen live in triples or quads. Housing is not guaranteed after the first year.

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