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Mike Frengel

Composition Faculty

Mike Frengel earned a B.A. in electroacoustic music from San Jose State Univeristy, where he studied electronic music and composition with Allen Strange. He completed M.A. studies in electroacoustic music composition at the Bregman Studios at Dartmouth College, where he studied with Jon Appleton, Charles Dodge, Larry Polansky and Christian Wolff, and Ph.D. studies at City University in London, where he studied composition with Denis Smalley and Simon Emmerson.

Frengel was a prize winner in the 2000 Luigi Russolo Composition Competition. His works have been included on the Sonic Circuits VII, ICMC'95, CDCM Vol.26 and 2000 Luigi Russolo compact discs. His music has also been performed at various music events around the world, in addition to being broadcast over American, Canadian, French and Slovak radio station and the internet. Frengel is a founding member of the Electronic Arts Focus in London. He is currently a faculty member of the music department at Northeastern University, where he teaches courses in music technology and composition.

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