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Frequently Asked Questions About On-Campus Housing

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On move-in day, where do I go first?

When you get to The Boston Conservatory, you will need to go directly to your residence hall to get your keys and leave your belongings. You will then be given directions to complete the check-in procedure.  During new student orientation, we will have Orientation Leaders here to help you.

What kind of furniture is in my room?

Each student has one extra-long twin bed, dresser, and a desk with a chair. The rooms have window shades, cable jacks, wireless internet access and closet space.

What size bed sheets should I bring?

The mattresses are extra-long twin size.

What are the dimensions of my room?

The Boston Conservatory residence halls date from 1892 and were built as family houses. Each room has a unique layout. Therefore, we are unable to provide the dimensions for any room. Hall and roommate assignments are made in mid-August and are subject to change.  Room numbers are not given until check-in.

Will I be able to see my room before I move in?

Unfortunately, we do not have enough staff to show rooms prior to the move-in date. We suggest that you wait until you arrive on-campus and meet your roommates to make decisions on carpets, rugs, and any other kind of interior decorations.

What kind of refrigerator can I bring?

Each student is allowed one refrigerator and it must not exceed 4.5 cubic feet.  We suggest sharing a mini-fridge with your roommates!

Can I have a microwave in my room?

Microwaves are NOT permitted in the rooms. A microwave is located in the common room of each of the residence halls for use by all the residents. 

Will I have phone/internet/cable service in my room?

Each room in the undergraduate halls will have high-speed wireless internet and cable TV. We DO NOT provide televisions, and there is no long-distance or local phone service in the dorms.  We encourage students to have a cell phone to make necessary calls.

Is there laundry in the residence halls?

Yes. At least, one washer and one dryer are located in each of the residence halls. Each of these card-operated machines costs $2.00 per load.  Funds can be added to laundry cards through a machine in the Student Center.  Funds can also be added via personal check.

How will I receive my mail/packages? AND Can I have some of my belongings shipped to Boston?

Yes, but please plan for them to arrive AFTER the move-in date or it may be returned to sender. Mail is delivered each weekday to 31 Hemenway St., not your residence hall! You may pick up your mail from the Mail Room in 31 Hemenway St. on weekdays. Mail and packages sent to the residence halls will not be delivered. 

     Your mail should be addressed as follows:
     Your Name
     The Boston Conservatory
     31 Hemenway St.
     Boston, MA 02115

Is there any space on campus where I can store some of my belongings during the school year?

No, please bring only what you need! When the school year ends, we will have representatives from Boston Pack and Ship. They provide storage for the summer for a fee.

Am I allowed to have guests stay in my room?

Guests are allowed to stay in the residence halls, but students and their guests must adhere to our Guest Policy and Procedure (see Residence Life Handbook). Any violation of the Guest Policy will result in a hearing with the Judicial Board. 

If my family or friends are coming with me for move-in day, where can they stay?

Due to space limitations, we cannot house parents or friends during move-in. The following are suggestions of hotels in the area:

Back Bay Hilton
40 Dalton Street
Boston, MA     
(617) 236-1100 or (800) 874-0663      

Copley Plaza
Copley Square 
138 St. James Ave. 
Boston, MA 
(617) 267-5300                      

Copley Square Hotel 
47 Huntington Avenue 
Boston, MA 02116 
(617) 536-9000                     

The Eliot Hotel
370 Commonwealth Ave. 
Boston, MA
(617) 267-1607

Howard Johnson
1271 Boylston Street 
Boston, MA 
(617) 267-8300

The Lenox Hotel
710 Boylston Street 
(617) 536-5300

Sheraton Boston
39 Dalton Street 
Boston, MA
(617) 236-2000

The Midtown Hotel
220 Hungington Ave.
Boston, MA 02115
(617) 262-1000 or (800) 343-1177 

Oasis Guest House 
22 Edgerly Road
Boston, MA 02115 
(617) 267-2262 or (800) 230-0105 

463 Beacon Street - Guest House
463 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02115
(617) 536-1302 

NOTE: The Boston Conservatory cannot guarantee the quality of accommodations and service and cannot be held responsible for the actions of any representative of the organizations listed above.  Additional hotel discounts and listings can be found here.

Will parking be available at school on move-in day?

On the move-in day, parents can park temporarily in front of the residence halls to unload their cars. Orientation leaders will be available and eager to help unload your car and carry your belongs up to your room. After unloading the car, you MUST be prepared to move your vehicle off-campus. The Boston Conservatory does not have guest parking.  Here are some suggestions for parking off-campus:


-Hynes Auditorium Garage, 50 Dalton St, Boston MA.

-Back Bay Hilton Garage, 40 Dalton St, Boston MA.

-Westland Avenue Garage, 35 Westland Ave, Boston MA.

-Gainsborough Garage, 10 Gainsborough St, Boston MA.

-Haviland Street Garage, 7 Haviland St, Boston MA (in the alley between Boylston and Haviland- access from Hemenway St. or Mass. Ave.): 

Street parking: 

-Metered parking is available on Boylston St. and Mass. Ave.  Additional metered parking is available around the Museum of Fine Arts.

-There are a small number of non-metered spaces available for a 2-hour limit on Hemenway and Ipswich Streets.


***For any additional questions you may have, please take a look at our Residence Life Handbook.


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