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Comp Ticket Policy

2015-2016 Comp Ticket Policy

Faculty, staff and students are eligible to receive complimentary tickets to most performances. All complimentary tickets are based on availability and must be claimed with a valid Conservatory ID or email.

Complimentary Ticket Eligibility

(Please note tickets are not guaranteed unless noted)

  • Production Cast and Crew (including designers, music director, choreographers of theater and opera productions, coaches, conductors, technical director, stage manager, props manager and student crew): Two comps per production (not per performance) in addition to faculty/staff tickets when eligible – must be reserved in advance by contacting the Audience Services Manager.
  • TBC Faculty/Staff (does NOT include student employees): Two comps per production (not per performance) – must be reserved in advance by contacting the Audience Services Manager.
  • TBC Students, not in production: One comp per performance via student rush – must be claimed at the Box Office day of performance (see Student Rush information below).
  • Director, choreographers of dance productions, conductors of opera productions and division director (of corresponding division): One comp per performance, plus four additional comps per production – one comp per performance is automatically reserved, but should still be claimed at the box office for proper seating assignments. The four additional comps must be reserved in advance by contacting the Audience Services Manager.

Any additional comps for press, industry professionals, etc. must be requested through and approved by the Audience Services Manager and are not guaranteed.

Student Rush

Conservatory students can only reserve comps in advance if they are involved in the production. All other Conservatory students must arrive at the performance one hour prior to curtain to wait in a student rush line. Complimentary tickets (one per person with a valid Conservatory ID) for that evening’s performance will be distributed as available. Student rush tickets are always first-come, first-served and based on availability.

Due to increased demand for Boston Conservatory performances, any additional tickets must be purchased via the box office at full price.

PLEASE NOTE: All comps will be held at WILL CALL on performance evenings. Any unclaimed complimentary tickets are subject to be released for sale or reassignment beginning 15 minutes prior to the scheduled performance start time.

2015-2016 Zack Box Ticket Policies

About Zack Box Ticketing

  • All ZB productions, including those that are free, are ticketed through the Box Office
  • There is a two-ticket limit per patron, per performance
    • For example, a patron can reserve eight tickets for a four-performance production only if they are divided up into two tickets per performance.
  • Tickets become available for public sale or reservation two weeks prior to opening night
    • For example, a show opening on Thursday, September 18 would go on sale to the public on the morning of Thursday, September 4.
  • If the box office is closed that day, tickets will go on sale the next day the box office is open.

Zack Box Comp Eligibility

TBC staff, faculty or students involved in the production are eligible to request two complimentary tickets per production (not performance) prior to public sale. To claim these tickets, email the Audiences Services Manager at by 5p.m. one day prior to public sale. If you do not email by this deadline, the availability of comps is not guaranteed.

Directors of Zack Box productions will receive one complimentary ticket (for themselves) per performance. These tickets will be automatically reserved. Directors are also eligible for two additional complimentary tickets per production (not performance). To claim these tickets, email the Audiences Services Manager at by 5p.m. one day prior to public sale. If you do not email by this deadline, the availability of comps is not guaranteed.

TBC staff, faculty or students NOT involved in the production can reserve or purchase tickets as soon as they are on public sale. Availability is not guaranteed. Reservations and purchases can be made in person at the box office or by calling 617.912.9222 during operating hours (Weds-Fri; noon-5p.m.).

Student rush will start one hour prior to each performance directly outside the box office. Student rush tickets will be distributed to TBC students with a valid ID on a first-come, firstserved basis, as available. Again, students are welcome to reserve or purchase tickets in advance via the box office.

PLEASE NOTE: All comps will be held at WILL CALL on performance nights. Comp tickets not picked up by 15 minutes before the performance start time are subject to be released for sale or reassignment.

Once again, the availability of comps is not guaranteed and policies are subject to change. Any questions regarding ticket policies or complimentary tickets should be directed to:

Taylor Crichton, Audience Services Manager or (617) 912-9142

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