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Conservatory Student Employment Procedures and Policies

Finding a Job on Campus


Attend one of the two mandatory student employment meetings during Orientation to determine the availability of employment on campus and learn how to apply for a job. Job descriptions are posted on the first day of classes on the On-Campus Student Jobs page. Most positions on campus pay $8 an hour, tutors pay $10 – off campus pays $12 an hour.  


Determine what jobs you are interested in and make an appointment to interview with the supervisor. Have a resume of past work experience available. 


After you are hired, your supervisor must fill out the Student Work Authorization Form.


If you have not worked on campus before*, you will need to pick up your payroll paperwork from the Human Resources Office located in 8 The Fenway. For this paperwork please remember to bring at least two forms of ID (passport or a social security card, birth certificate and photo ID). Copies of your ID will not be accepted, you must bring the original. You will also need to bring a voided check to sign up for direct deposit (this is mandatory for payroll).  


All students must sign a confidentiality agreement at the beginning of every year. You MUST sign one and return it to the Human Resources Office or risk facing disciplinary action.


*Please note:  If you are an international student and do not have a social security number, you must obtain a letter from Human Resources and bring it to the Director of International Student Affairs for a signature that you will then bring to the Social Security Office.  You cannot begin working on campus until you have gone to the Social Security Office, obtained your application for your card and completed your payroll paperwork.  

Working on Campus

Keeping track of your hours

All students are required to track their time through the online timesheet website.

Time can be entered from any computer with access to the internet. Once you have been officially hired and have submitted your Student Worker Authorization Form, you will receive an email with instructions on how to log in and enter their time. You must enter your time within the week worked.

Work week schedule

The work week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. Timesheets must be turned it to your supervisor weekly – on Monday mornings.

Getting paid

Paychecks will be directly deposited into your bank account and pay stubs are available online. The hourly rate for students is $8 an hour for the majority of positions, $10 for tutors and $12 for those working off campus.

Keeping track of your WS award money

Students are responsible for tracking their FWS awards. Your award amount and money earned will be shown on each paycheck stub. Students cannot earn more than the amount listed on their Student Worker Authorization form. REMEMBER THESE AMOUNTS ARE NOT GUARANTEED BUT REPRESENT THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT A STUDENT CAN EARN.  

General Work Policies

  • You should arrange your work schedule with the job supervisor so that it will in no way impede academic performance or interfere with class attendance.
  • Once the work schedule has been established, you should maintain it. If this becomes difficult, consult the job supervisor. Remember, supervisors are not responsible to provide make-up hours for any time missed.
  • Be dependable. Job supervisors rely on students to be at their jobs as scheduled. An irresponsible pattern of attendance will result in termination of employment.
  • You are paid only for actual hours worked. Therefore, it is important that work schedules be maintained. WS AWARD AMOUNTS ARE NOT GUARANTEED!
  • If you fail to perform your duties in a satisfactory manner, the job supervisor may terminate your employment. You can decide to terminate your employment on one week's notice but you must notify both your supervisor and the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs.
  • Please note that if your supervisor terminates your employment or you voluntarily withdraw from employment, Career Services has no obligation to find you another job.
  • Remember, this is a valuable opportunity for you – you can use this experience on your resume and learn vital non-performance skills for your future. Your job performance here can result in a good recommendation for a future position.
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