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Common Reading and Viewing Experience (CRAVE)

May 2012

Dear Boston Conservatory Students:

As the faculty committee of the 2012 Common Reading and Viewing Experience, we would like to welcome you to the Conservatory community and take this opportunity to give you some information about the book we will be discussing during Orientation, and about which most of you will write during your first year. The “viewing” part of the Experience is a surprise that will be revealed when you arrive for Orientation and watch the film together as the incoming class!

The purpose of the Common Reading and Viewing Experience (CRAVE) is twofold.  First, it introduces you to the intellectual work of The Conservatory in which thoughtful reading, interpretation, and discussion are essential to our work as enlightened artists. Second, it provides you with a foundation for so much of what you will be doing here at BoCo—communicating and collaborating. You will meet with new students from all of the divisions and share your thoughts and ideas.

This year’s CRAVE book selection is The Submission by Amy Waldman. You may have already read or heard of the book. Whatever your reading background, please (re)read the book with care and thought. The CRAVE texts (book and film) will explore a number of different interrelated themes, so it is important that you take notes and explore your reactions to the book and its subjects.  Be aware of how you see the multifaceted role of the artist reflected in the book.

Whether you come to the text for the first time or you have read it already, we do ask that you come to The Conservatory this Fall having bought and (re)read the book recently. (It is available at most booksellers and, of course, through online retailers.) Please remember to bring the book with you to school in the Fall.

Don’t forget that The Submission, as well as the CRAVE film that you watch during Orientation, will be the basis for writing assignments and related activities during your first year.  We will give you more instructions and ideas later in the summer and when you arrive, but meanwhile read attentively and analytically! Enjoy!

We and all the faculty and staff at The Boston Conservatory look forward to meeting you as you embark on your academic and artistic career with us this Fall.

Dr. Gaynor Blandford
Director of First Year Core, Liberal Arts Department

Rhoda Bernard, Chair of Music Education
Denise Pons, Dance Division
Chris Caggiano, Liberal Arts and Theatre Division
Kim Haack, Director of Student and Community Programs
Chris King, Assistant Director of Student and Community Programs
Kate White, Liberal Arts Department
Phoebe Wray, Theatre Department

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