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Calling all Boston Conservatory Composition Students: Participate in The Boston Conservatory / WCRB Sonic Logo Contest

BOSTON, MA (April 3, 2014)—Boston’s classical music radio station, 99.5 WCRB, is partnering with The Boston Conservatory to compose and record a new sounder, or sonic logo, to be used throughout the day on the air. WCRB is a radio station at WGBH Boston and falls under its broadcast division. Because of this, they want to use the familiar WGBH sounder as the inspiration for the new WCRB sonic logo.

You can find the WGBH sonic logo here.

After that, let your mind wander as to what a classical station might use for a :05 - :10 sounder between songs. 

Each submission will be reviewed by a panel of judges from WCRB and The Boston Conservatory. Students will then be assigned to orchestrate the winning sounder and create variations of the theme. The compositions will then be recorded by Boston Conservatory musicians in 15 different variations (both vocal and instrumental) and ultimately produced as the official sonic logo of WCRB. 

Submit your sonic logo ideas to Andy Vores by April 25, 2014:

Interested BoCo Composition students should contact Andy Vores for more information. 

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