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Concert Recordings

If paying with Debit/Credit: CD Order Form
If paying with Cash/Check, print and return: CD Order form (PDF)

Directions to Concert Venues

The Fenway Center, 77 Saint Stephen St., Boston - 10 minute walk (PDF) 

Ipswich Building, 132 Ipswich St, Boston - 5 minute walk (PDF)   

Paramount Theater, 559 Washington St, Boston - 15 minutes by "T", 30 minute walk (JPG)

Sanders Theater, 45 Quincy St., Cambridge - 30 minutes by "T" (PDF)    

Old South Church, 645 Boylston St, Boston - 15 minute walk (PDF)

Massage Therapy

Once a week on Wednesdays from 9:00am-5pm, we have a message therapist. The massage therapist is located in the Counseling and Wellness Center located in 32 The Fenway in the lower level. Make an appointment for the fall 2016 semester. 

Physical Therapy Services

We have a physical therapist on campus Mondays Wednesdays and Thursdays, 35 hours a week to work with students dealing with acute injuries that can be helped with Physical Therapy. To make an appointment, please click here.

Sports Medicine Services

Once a week, on Thursdays from 3-5pm, we have a sports medicine fellow who can see students who have injuries affecting their playing and performance. To make an appointment, please visit room T-304 in 31 Hemenway on the third floor and sign up on the bulliten board outside the room.    

Alexander Technique

We have an Alexander Technique professional that is on campus for 30 hours a semester to do one on one sessions. Make an appointment for the fall 2016 semester.

Hearing Protection

We will be offering free baseline hearing tests on Thursday, September 3, between 6:00-9:00PM in the Ipswich building. To reserve your slot, send an email to Rachael Stachowiak and let her know that you would like to be tested. Reservations are open until all slots are filled.

In addition for those who would like to have a decibel meter on their phone, there is an excellent free app for hearing testing called “uHear”. It is available at the App Store. It is put out by Unitron, a hearing aid company, so there may be a little advertising on some of the screens. However, the test itself is excellent. The best sound level meter we’ve ever evaluated is “Sound Level Meter” by MintMuse. It costs $19.99 last time we checked. There are many others that are free or almost free, but they are not nearly as accurate.

We are also nearby to various resources that can provide you with custom-fitted professional ear plugs. Learn more or schedule an appointment.

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