The Boston Conservatory will be CLOSED on Wednesday, January 28, due to snow. All classes, lessons, rehearsals and performances are cancelled, and all offices are closed. Updates will be posted to, as available.

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The Boston Conservatory Chamber Orchestra

Saturday, September 20, 2014 - 8:00pm
132 Ipswich Street

Bruce Hangen, conductor

The Boston Conservatory is excited to introduce The Boston Conservatory Chamber Orchestra, the school's first-ever ensemble dedicated to music for chamber orchestra. The first performance will be in the Conservatory’s new 132 Ipswich Street building and will feature classical, neo-classical and baroque repertoire, with a special focus on the string section of the orchestra. Performers include faculty member Sharan Leventhal (violin) and student David Rubin (violin).

WIRÉN: Serenade for Strings
BACH: Concerto for Two Violins
HAYDN: Symphony No. 104 (“London”)



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