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Saturday, October 13, 2012 - 12:00pm
Seully Hall

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: This year the Boston Conservatory children’s opera is in a slightly different format. THERE IS ONLY ONE PERFORMANCE, but the experience extends before and after the show! The fun begins at 12noon in Seully Hall with the audience helping the performers create the setting and props for the performance—a fully interactive and creative experience that binds the actors and audience together. At 1pm, the performance begins and the fables unfold. After the performance, the audience and actors can share their experiences and discuss what it is like to participate in live opera.

Be sure to arrive at 12:00 for the full experience of FABLES...and other Fables!

EVENT DESCRIPTION: An immersive opera theater performance children and their families, FABLES...and Other Fables is an interactive storytelling experience. Combining visual and vocal arts presented by singers from The Boston Conservatory, our young audience members will create the performance space, drawing and shaping the set. Staged art songs based on fables and children's texts from the classical and expanded repertoire will be featured alongside 20th-century composer Ned Rorem's rarely heard mini-operas, Fables, the cornerstone in this unique and clever artistic experience for the young and the young-at-heart. Jean Anderson Collier, music director. Nathan Troup, stage director

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