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Room and Board Contract

Undergraduate and Graduate Student Single/Multiple Occupancy Room

TERMS: The Boston Conservatory will provide the above named occupant room and board (according to the published schedule and in keeping with the plan selected by the occupant in this agreement) for the academic year beginning 8/28/15, and ending 5/7/16, subject to agreement upon the part of the occupant (or Parent/Guardian if occupant is under the age of 18) to pay in full total room and board fees resulting from room and board plan selection forms. Please refer to the following schedule (Note, this is not a bill):

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* Refundable under stated conditions 

Grade reports, transcripts, certificates, and /or degrees may be withheld until all charges are paid.  Reasonable collection costs may be added to unpaid bills.  The room and board contract is for the academic year and enrolling obligates the occupant for payment of the total price indicated in this agreement. All students living on The Fenway are required to be on the meal plan.  This contract is not binding until countersigned by a representative of The Boston Conservatory and the occupant (or Parent/Guardian if occupant is under the age of 18), and a copy is returned to the occupant. If the Director of Housing and Student Life does not receive this contract by 06/15/15, the contract will be considered null and void and the room may be reassigned. The Boston Conservatory is not liable for loss of money or valuables, nor for damage to personal property or for personal injury sustained on The Boston Conservatory premises. 

TERMINATION AND CANCELLATION: The following shall constitute grounds for cancellation of the agreement by The Boston Conservatory:   

  • Default on the terms of the agreement or payments. 
  • Suspension or dismissal for academic or disciplinary reasons. 

Moreover, The Boston Conservatory reserves the right to terminate this agreement if the occupant violates the Student Conduct Code as stated in the Student Handbook and the Residence Life Handbook.  The occupant expressly agrees to vacate the room within three (3) days of receipt of written notice stating the date of termination of the agreement. 

The Boston Conservatory reserves the right to discontinue the meal plan when, in its judgment, an emergency or other event limits or prevents satisfactory meal service.  In such case,  a pro rata refund will be made for the remaining period.   Applications for refunds from occupants withdrawing of their own accord from The Boston Conservatory shall be subject to the Refund Policy, which shall be subject to amendment by The Boston Conservatory during the term of this agreement.  No refund will be granted to occupants suspended or dismissed for disciplinary reasons. 

DAMAGE:  The Boston Conservatory shall be responsible for repairs to the residence hall buildings due to normal wear and tear; however, repairs required through damage caused by residence hall occupants will be  charged to such occupants.  The occupant may receive a written list of all existing damages to his/her room if a written request is made within three (3) days of occupancy. 

CABLE TELEVISION, AND INTERNET SERVICES: The Boston Conservatory shall provide cable television services (but not the television) as well as wireless access to the internet (but not the computer). The damage policy stated herein also applies to this equipment.

ASSIGNMENT:  This contract may not be assigned. This contract constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and no statement or promise made by either party that is not contained in this written contract shall be valid or binding. 

I (we) hereby agree to the occupancy of a room as assigned by The Boston Conservatory on the terms herein and in the Residence Life Handbook, and further agree to indemnify and hold The Boston Conservatory harmless from any and all claims, demands, actions, causes of actions, damages, expenses, losses or liabilities arising in any way from or out of the occupancy, use, or enjoyment of the premises by myself, my guests, and invitees.  

It is expressly agreed that the occupant is a licensee only and is not a tenant, there being no right of exclusive possession of The Boston Conservatory premises.

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