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Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is key to The Boston Conservatory's strength because unrestricted funds provide vitally needed resources for our academic programs and specialized training, scholarship support for students, equipment and facilities, technical needs, student services and public performances. Meeting annual goals in unrestricted giving each year maintains the Conservatory's margin of excellence and is an essential ingredient of our success. Annual Fund gifts also give the president and academic dean invaluable flexibility to invest where the need is greatest or when special opportunities arise. Because our needs and opportunities differ over time, it is important to have a robust Annual Fund each academic year to replenish this vital resource.

In recent years, the Annual Fund’s unrestricted funds have allowed the Conservatory to:

  • Install new lighting, carpet and doors in the library;
  • Increase online and print resources in the library;
  • Install new doors to Seully Hall;
  • Make improvements to the dorms, including remodeled rooms and bathrooms;
  • Rent additional teaching and practice spaces on Massachusetts Avenue and Boylston Street;
  • Increase the number of productions staged each year.

Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship Fund is a vital component of The Boston Conservatory’s Annual Fund. There is no support more important to gifted young performers, or to a small and specialized school, than increasing available scholarship funds. The Boston Conservatory has committed to raising more annual scholarship contributions to keep pace with the increasing standards of our Music, Dance and Theater divisions.

At the Boston Conservatory, approximately 80% of the students receive financial aid—it would be impossible for many to attend without it. We want to draw the most talented students to the Conservatory, regardless of their ability to pay.

The Named Scholarship Program, which requires a minimum gift of $2,500 and can bear one’s own name, the name of a family member or another honoree, is a meaningful way to personalize a gift that has resonated with many donors.

"Scholarship aid is the most crucial form of support that a donor can consider. The relationships that develop among the donor, the student and the Conservatory enrich all of those involved immeasurably."

—Richard Ortner, President of The Boston Conservatory

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