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Frequently Asked Questions about Giving

Mailing Address

PO Box 970009
Boston, MA 02297-0009
Phone: (617) 912-9206

Tax ID: 042126597
Fiscal Year Dates: June 30, 2014

Is my gift to The Boston Conservatory tax-deductible?

Yes. Because The Boston Conservatory is qualified as a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code, all gifts to the college are tax-deductible. For the amount you can deduct, consult your tax adviser and the IRS web site (

Do I need a receipt to claim a tax deduction?

It depends on the amount of your gift. Typically, any gift of $249.99 or less does not need a receipt. We will provide you with a receipt (i.e., acknowledgement letter), but the IRS does not require it. For a single gift of $250 or more, you are required to have a receipt to substantiate your claim. If you make a quid pro quo contribution—that is, when you receive goods or services in exchange for a portion of your contribution—we are required to issue you a receipt specifying the amount of the contribution and the goods and/or services received. For example, if you attend the Gala and your total contribution includes the cost of dinner and/or purchased auction items, then those costs must be subtracted when determining your charitable deduction. If you make an in-kind gift to the Conservatory—musical instrument, books, sheet music, etc.—you must provide us with a document specifying the value of your in-kind contribution in order to receive a receipt to claim a tax deduction.

Does the receipt have to be a physical note?

No. An electronic receipt is just as acceptable as a letter or postcard.

When will I receive an acknowledgement of my gift?

Receipts are issued as quickly as possible as gifts come in. Most receipts—even those for gifts made on December 31—are issued by the end of January to help donors prepare their tax documents.

Do I need to send the receipt to the IRS?

No. Simply keep your receipt in a file to support your claim (in case you are audited). The statute of limitations for the IRS is three years, so retain the receipt for at least that duration. Depending on the type of contribution you make, you may prefer to keep it longer. Consult your tax adviser for details.

What is the last day I can make a contribution for my 2013 tax returns?

Saturday, December 31, 2013 is the final day for charitable giving in 2013.

If you're contributing by credit card at our online giving page, your credit card must be charged in the same tax year that you want to claim a deduction.

If you are mailing your check (made payable to: The Boston Conservatory), the postmark—and not just the check—must be dated on or before December 31 to qualify for a 2013 deduction.

If you are giving a gift of securities and your broker is executing the transfer the securities must be transferred from your account to the Conservatory no later than December 31 to qualify for a 2013 deduction.

To make a gift of stock, please provide your broker with the following information about our account: DTC 2039 Boston Private Bank and Trust Company Account # 755D6139

When making a stock gift, please contact or leave a message with Richard Bass at (617) 912-9202 or to inform us of the amount of the transfer. To be considered a 2013 gift for tax purposes, you must relinquish ownership of the stock on or before December 31, 2013. For additional questions, please contact Richard Bass in the Development Office at (617) 912-9202 or

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