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Student Handbook

Mission Statement

We prepare and inspire our students to perform at the highest level in their art and in their lives. We foster their creativity and give them courage. We teach them the skills that will lead to professional and personal fulfillment.

Dear Boston Conservatory Student,

As students of The Boston Conservatory you are all members of a distinguished, world-class institution whose mission is to help you grow and develop as performing artists and as individuals.

During your time at the Conservatory, the faculty and staff will push you to work harder than you ever have before and practice your art with the highest level of focus and dedication in order to meet our high performance standards. We expect all of our students to become fully immersed in their studies, rehearsals and performances.

At the same time, we are proud to offer a robust and active student life program and encourage you to become involved with the many other aspects of extracurricular life.  Involvement in student activities—whether it is our Student Government Association (SGA), our diverse offering of clubs and organizations or our many community outreach projects—offers students rewarding opportunities to form important friendships, establish creative outlets, serve as leaders, and make a difference in other people’s lives.  We welcome your participation.  In fact, we count on it.

As you navigate your own path as a student, performer and member of The Boston Conservatory community, the Student Handbook serves as your resource for understanding policies and procedures. Please review it for reference. 

It is our sincere hope that you will take advantage of everything that The Boston Conservatory and the city of Boston have to offer. May the coming year be a time of professional growth, personal satisfaction and happiness. 

Best wishes,

Chris Reade, Dean of Students

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