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  • We lead.
  • We expect great things.
  • We celebrate diversity.
  • We work together.
  • We are not afraid to take risks.
  • We are honest and responsible.
  • We are curious and open-minded.
  • We care.
  • We give back.
  • We measure ourselves.
  • We hold ourselves accountable for every commitment.
  • We strive for excellence.
  • We perform.


We prepare and inspire our students to perform at the highest level in their art and in their lives. We foster their creativity and give them courage. We teach them the skills that will lead to professional and personal fulfillment.


The Boston Conservatory is internationally recognized as an innovative leader among conservatory programs, focused on elevating and celebrating every aspect of the performing arts. The institution has established itself as an important voice in the movement to make all forms of performing arts a more visible and valued dimension of communities here and abroad.

The institution holds its faculty, staff, and students to the highest standards of performance on stage, in the classroom, and at every step in the creative journey. It weaves together distinct disciplines and curricula in music, dance and musical theater in order to create a unique learning experience. The students, faculty, staff and trustees of The Boston Conservatory embrace the critical role of performance throughout life. Its graduates are prepared not simply to excel in their artistic careers, but to invest themselves fully in lives of engagement and purpose. Every member of the community strives to create value for all the constituencies the institution serves. All understand that their contributions are essential to the Conservatory's mission.

The alumni are proud of their involvement with the school, playing an active role in its evolution while acknowledging its impact through the course of their lives. Like the community that surrounds the school, the alumni view The Boston Conservatory as a vital contributor to the city and to the world at large.

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