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Student Policies

Student Conduct Code


As an institution of higher education, The Boston Conservatory provides academic programs within an environment that enhances students’ professional and personal development, preserves the rights of individuals and organized groups, and encourages individuality while affirming a commitment to the community dimensions of campus life.

All members of The Boston Conservatory community are responsible for preserving an environment conducive to the pursuit of the Conservatory’s mission and programs.

 As with any community, rules and regulations are necessary to maintain order, protect the rights of individuals and the institution, and assure a healthy atmosphere for education and personal growth.  The Boston Conservatory also exists in a larger society, and therefore, local, commonwealth and federal laws will be upheld.  While Conservatory officials and representatives do not view their roles as law enforcement officers, they may inform the appropriate authorities if they learn of or observe violations of Conservatory policies.

We expect each student at The Boston Conservatory to read, understand and uphold the standards of conduct outlined in this and other official Conservatory communications to students, to vigorously protect the rights of others, and to share with Conservatory officials and the Student Government Association ideas and concerns regarding these policies and their implications.


The following policies and judicial procedures apply to all students enrolled in any course or program at The Boston Conservatory regardless of whether they live on or off campus.  The Conservatory campus includes owned and leased buildings and Conservatory-sponsored events or performances held off campus.

In addition, The Boston Conservatory strives to be a good neighbor and recognizes the importance of maintaining amicable relations with local residents and businesses.  Therefore, students should be aware that the jurisdiction of the Conservatory extends beyond the physical boundaries of the campus.  Activities that harm the reputation of The Boston Conservatory, cause problems for members of the greater community, or suggest that an individual may pose a threat to others will result in disciplinary action.

Finally, students charged in United States courts or convicted of crimes may face additional disciplinary procedures at The Boston Conservatory.

Rules and regulations of The Boston Conservatory not contained within the Student Conduct Code may be communicated to students in publications and posted notices including, but not limited to, the Student Handbook, the Residence Life Handbook, room and board contract, division or department handbook and other official publications.  These rules and regulations may be amended from time to time in writing.

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