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Posting Policy

 The posting policy for all Boston Conservatory buildings is as follows:


All items except those produced by The Boston Conservatory Marketing Department or posters for Conservatory student or faculty recitals on campus must be stamped, initialed and dated in advance of posting.

  1. Items for posting on the bulletin boards in 8 The Fenway, 31 Hemenway St., or 132 Ipswich must be approved by the Director of Career Support and Student Programs.
  2. Items for posting in the Student Center or residence halls (Student Affairs events or notices, residence life events or notices, classifieds, off-campus housing and off-campus events) must be approved by the Director Career Support Services  and Student Programs, located in 24 The Fenway.

General Policies

  1. Material is not to be affixed to the exterior or interior walls or doors of any Boston Conservatory building.
  2. Items must not be posted more than two weeks before the event.
  3. Items that are not stamped or are posted inappropriately will be taken down.
  4. If multiple copies are to be posted, the original copy must be stamped, initialed and dated for approval before photocopying.
  5. Items larger than 8.5” x 14” must have special approval from the appropriate official listed above (except those produced by the Marketing Department).
  6. Any item posted in a foreign language must include an English translation.
  7. Any items mentioning, depicting, inviting or encouraging alcohol sales or consumption are prohibited as stated in The Boston Conservatory Alcohol and Other Drugs policy.
  8. Assigned boards are not to be used for general posting.
  9. General boards are not to be used for specialized posting such as classifieds, off-campus housing and off-campus events.
  10. Off-campus housing and classified items will be posted for one month only.
  11. The Boston Conservatory does not endorse or sponsor activities, organizations or entities in the item notice unless endorsement is written on the approved notice.
  12. The Conservatory holds the right to refuse to post items it deems offensive, discriminating or harassing.


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