The Boston Conservatory will be CLOSED on Monday, February 8, due to inclement weather. All classes, lessons, rehearsals and performances are canceled, and all offices are closed. Updates will be posted to, as available.

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Public Safety

The Boston Conservatory engages the services of Securitas to provide public safety.  A Public Safety officer is stationed in 8 The Fenway during building hours.  Public Safety officers make regularly scheduled rounds throughout the campus.  In addition, most campus buildings are equipped with alarm, intercom, card access and closed-circuit video systems.  These devices enhance the Conservatory’s ability to protect the people who work, study and rehearse in these buildings while maintaining the critical balance between security of the facility and user convenience.

Also, emergency call boxes are located at various locations throughout campus.  If you experience or observe a safety or security violation of any type on or off campus, please contact the Public Safety officer in the lobby of 8 The Fenway as soon as possible to make a report.  The 24-hour Public Safety emergency number is (617) 912-9191.

Lost and Found

All lost and found items should be brought to the Public Safety Desk located in the lobby of 8 The Fenway.  Items turned in will be placed into two categories: articles of clothing and items of value.

Articles of clothing that are turned in will be placed in a box located in the basement lounge area of 8 The Fenway.  Articles of clothing include, but are not limited to: hats, coats/jackets, gloves, mittens, footwear, scarves and bags, as well as water bottles.

Items of value include, but are not limited to: electronics, jewelry, musical instruments, eyeglasses and textbooks.  Items of value will be logged and then locked/secured in our storage area.  If you need to claim an item that is locked up, please see the Public Safety Officer at the desk, and he/she will retrieve your valuables.

Because so many items are received in a short period of time, items of value will be held for six months and unlocked items will be held until the end of each semester, after which all items will be donated to various charities.

Reporting an Accident on Campus

If you are involved in an accident on campus, you should report it immediately to the Public Safety officer located at the Public Safety Desk in the lobby of 8 The Fenway.  As soon as possible after the accident, a personal statement explaining the accident and copies of any medical bills and claim statements from your health insurance provider should be given to the Conservatory’s Chief Financial Officer, whose office is located in 8 The Fenway.

If the accident is job-related (i.e., Work-Study or Conservatory Employment), the personal statement and copies of medical bills and claim statements from your health insurance provider should also be given to the Director of Human Resources, whose office is located in 8 The Fenway.

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