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Title IX Policy

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs or activities operated by recipients of Federal financial assistance.  Sexual harassment of students, which includes acts of sexual violence, is a form of sex discrimination. A number of different acts fall into the category of sexual violence including rape, sexual assault, sexual battery and sexual coercion.  All such acts of sexual violence are forms of sexual harassment covered under Title IX.

Title IX Coordinator

Dean Christopher Reade
Dean of Students
Rm. 004, Student Center, Basement of 24 The Fenway
(617) 912-9121

Duties and responsibilities include monitoring and oversight of overall implementation of Title IX compliance at The Boston Conservatory such as coordination of training, education, communications, and administration of grievance procedures for students, faculty and staff. Title IX regulations require Deputy Coordinators to report incidents to the Title IX Coordinator. These reports allow the Title IX Coordinator to identify patterns of frequency in a particular area within the Conservatory and to coordinate compliance with federal regulations.

Title IX Deputy Coordinators

Eric Crumrine
Director of Housing and Student Life/Judicial Officer
Rm. 001, Student Center, Basement of 24 The Fenway
(617) 912-9165

Abra Bush
Director of the Music Division
Suite 203, 8 the Fenway

Carrie Bourque 
Employment Manager, Human Resources
Rm. 110, 8 The Fenway
(617) 912-9275

Any member of the Boston Conservatory community who believes that he or she has been subjected to sexual harassment, sexual discrimination, or sexual assault should submit a Complaint Form to one of the designated Conservatory officials that are named above.  Complaint Forms are available in the offices of the four designated Conservatory officials listed above. The Complaint Form is also available online at: ( While the Conservatory strongly encourages the use of its Complaint Form, designated Conservatory officials will also accept a written document which includes: the Complainant’s name, contact information and signature, a description of the conduct believed to be discriminatory, harassing and/or retaliatory with approximate dates(s) when these actions occurred, and the name(s) of the subject/s of the complaint. Please refer to the Harassment Policy in the Student Handbook for further information.


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