The Boston Conservatory will be CLOSED on Wednesday, January 28, due to snow. All classes, lessons, rehearsals and performances are cancelled, and all offices are closed. Updates will be posted to, as available.

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It Exists in Every Moment

IT EXISTS IN EVERY MOMENT. It is a lifestyle—the consequence of preparation, the intention to excel.

Performance is the passion it takes to wake up every morning and work harder than you did the day before.

It's a faculty that demands you try it again, play it again, do it again. It’s making choices that bring you closer to becoming the artist you strive to be. Performance lives in you; it takes place on the stage, in the classroom, on the street, throughout the day. It is the expectation of every student, every teacher and every graduate.

It is more than what we do, it is who we are. It is The Boston Conservatory. Always on.

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