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Assistant to the Harp and Guitar Department

Position:  Assistant to the Harp and Guitar Department 

Student’s Employer:  The Boston Conservatory

Place of Employment:  Harp Department on the 6th floor of 8 The Fenway and any where else on campus where harp and guitar activities take place

Supervisor:   Cynthia Price-Glynn, Chair of the Harp and Guitar Department

Purpose of the Position:  Do any tasks that are needed for the maintenance and progress of the Harp and Guitar Departments, and enable them to fulfill their responsibilities within Boston Conservatory and beyond when necessary.  


Duties and Responsibilities of the Position:  

Make arrangements for location, scheduling, and cartage of instruments for auditions and juries, recitals and rehearsals, masterclasses and meetings; 

Schedule and oversee harp moves between campus buildings for large ensembles (e.g. symphony and opera and musical theater), and for any other reason harps need to be moved within the campus; 

Maintain the harp music and harp book library in Room 622;  

Make sure that the school harps are tuned regularly and broken strings replaced;

Semi-annually check the harp string inventory so as to order replacements for the school’s harps from The Harp Connection in Salem MA;  

Organize special events from concert receptions to harp technician visits, including the semi-annual Boston Harp Gala Concert (when we invite harpists from all the Boston area colleges to perform solos) and the semi-annual Boston Harp Gatherings (when Boston area college  harpists are invited to gather an play for and with each other - with no teachers or public invited);

Organize the receptions that follow the junior, senior, masters, and GPD recitals of the harp and guitar students;

Respond to any other requests made by the harp and guitar faculty.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Rate of Pay and Number of Hours Worked a Week:  

 $8 an hour, 9 hours a week


General Qualifications for the Position:  

  • be a harpist or guitarist; 
  • be handy and able (or willing to learn) to respond to any mechanical problems the harps present;                       
  • be a skilled organizer of scheduling and inventory;  
  • be proactive about real and potential needs or accommodations;  
  • be a sensitive harmonizer among the Harp and Guitar students;  
  • be cooperative and collaborative with the faculty;  
  • be polite and professional with the BoCo staff and administrators; 
  • and be resourceful - able to receive any assignment and devise how to fulfill it.

Date:  September 1, 2013

For an interview contact:  

Cynthia Price-Glynn, Chair of the Harp & Guitar Department

phone number:  781-461-0442


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