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Contemporary Music

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Degrees Offered

  • Master of Music
  • Graduate Performance Diploma (Pending)
  • Professional Studies Certificate (Pending)

Your Training

The Boston Conservatory's exciting new M.M. in Contemporary Music Performance program is designed to expand and develop your capacities to work independently and collaboratively in the area of contemporary art music.


  • Contemporary Ensemble
  • Writing About Music
  • Advanced Aural Skills
  • Communicating About Music
  • Graduate Seminar in Music History
  • Contemporary Compositional Techniques
  • Improvisation Workshop
  • Applied Lessons
  • Concert and Recital Attendance
  • Approved electives

Your Teachers

Michael Norsworthy, Director

Pierre Hurel

Andy Vores

Sarah Brady, Flute
Eric Hewitt, Saxophone; Conductor of The Boston Conservatory Contemporary Ensemble
Adrian Morejon, Bassoon
Michael Norsworthy, Clarinet and Bass Clarinet

Ken Amis, Tuba
Eli Epstein, Horn
John Faieta, Trombone
Andy Sorg, Trumpet

Samuel Z. Solomon, Percussion
Nancy Zeltsman, Marimba

Max Levinson
Janice Weber

Ina Zdorovetchi

Lila Brown, Viola
Judith Eissenberg, Violin
Sharan Leventhal, Violin
Rhonda Rider, Cello 

Your Opportunities to Perform

On Campus:

  • The Boston Conservatory Chamber Orchestra
  • The Boston Conservatory Contemporary Ensemble
  • The Boston Conservatory Orchestra
  • Individually-coached chamber music groups
  • Masterclasses with visiting artists and composers
  • Solo recitals
  • Sonata and duo classes 

Off campus:

  • Boston Modern Orchestra Project (BMOP) performance and administrative internship opportunities, as available
  • Community outreach programs servicing the Greater Boston area
  • Paid gig opportunities arranged through our Student Services Office
  • Positions with local music groups, including orchestras, contemporary ensembles, film scoring and video game recording orchestras and theater pit orchestras

Your Future

Incorporating influences from early 20th-century classics to electronic music, jazz, pop culture, experimental and mixed media arts, this program provides you with skills and insight needed to achieve a life in music, as a performer, a composer, a teacher, a director or an entrepreneur. 



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