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Graduate Courses

Composition Seminar

MU MU 507, MU 607
Fall and Spring Semesters
Credits: 1
Prequisites: none
Meeting: Wednesday 5:00–6:50

Course Description

A forum for special projects, professional development, recent contemporary music, vernacular music, visits by composers and performers, analogies to other art forms, different approaches to orchestration, instrumentation, structure, organization, and form. 
More information here: Composition Seminar 

Composers' Performance Ensemble

MU 508, MU 608
Fall and Spring Semesters (course repeats)
Credits: 1
Prequisites: none
Instructor: James Dalton

Course Description

This course provides various coached ensemble experiences for composition majors as alternatives to The Boston Conservatory Chorale or the various Instrumental Ensembles. The nature of the ensemble changes each semester depending upon the participants.

Electronic Music 1

MU 671
Fall Semester
Credits: 1 
Prerequisite: Music History 2 (proficiency exam or review course) 
Meeting: Friday 4:00–5:50
Instructor: Mike Frengel

Course description

This course exposes students to the history of electroacoustic music from the early works of the 1940s to the present day. A range of important sub-genres will be surveyed from both an historic and aesthetic perspective and students will examine the musical and technological developments and key figures that have influenced the evolution of electroacoustic music. This course requires extensive listening and analysis of representative works to ensure students have the opportunity to acquire a clear understanding of the music in question.

Areas of Study 

• Electronic Music – The Background to 1945
• Paris and Musique Concrète
• Cologne and Elektronische Musik
• The 1960’s: Tape Works, Live Electronics, and the Voltage-Controlled Synthesizer 
• Computer Music (algorithmic, stochastic, spectralism, tuning, mapping processes, etc).
• Acousmatic Music
• Mixed Works: Live instruments and electronics


Peter Manning
Oxford University Press, 2013
ISBN: 9780199746392 


Joel Chadabe
Prentice Hall, 1996
ISBN: 9780133032314

Electronic Music 2

MU 672
Spring Semester
Credits: 1 
Prerequisite: Elecgtronic Music 1, or permission
Meeting: Friday 4:00–5:50
Instructor: Mike Frengel

Improvisation Workshop

MU 673
Fall and Spring Semesters (course repeats)
Credits: 1
Prequisites: none
Instructor: Pierre Hurel

Course Description

Progressive guided improvisations in small groups and ensembles. This work is centered around careful listening and avoids setting any stylistic limitations.

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