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Your Training

The Boston Conservatory offers everything a harpist could want to explore and experience: a collaborative harp department; a school where individuality is welcomed and nourished; a city that has renowned and extraordinary harpists in a wide spectrum of genres; and an arts environment that features an amazing range of audience and performance opportunities.


  • Applied lessons and recitals
  • Chamber Music
  • Conducting
  • Ear Training
  • Harp Ensemble and Performance Seminar
  • Harp Pedagogy
  • Harmony & Counterpoint
  • Piano Class
  • Liberal Arts Core and Electives
  • Music Electives
  • Music History
  • Orchestras/Large Ensembles
  • Recital and concert attendance
  • Science or Mathematics
  • Theory & Musicology Electives

Your Teachers

The Coordinator of the Harp Department, Cynthia Price-Glynn, is the Principal Harpist with the Boston Ballet, has a broad range of musical experience and interests, and works in numerous genres. The Harp Department also benefits from the rich resources of many other harpists in and beyond the Boston area.

Harp Department Faculty:

Regular Guest Teachers:

*Chamber Music Faculty
Your Performance Opportunities
  • The Boston Harp Festival (held biennially)
  • Boston Harp Gala (biennial performance by harpists from Boston area colleges)
  • Chamber music concerts
  • Chorale concerts
  • Collaborative performances with composers, musicians, dancers and actors
  • Community outreach performances in Greater Boston
  • GentleMUSES (therapeutic music program at Massachusetts General Hospital)
  • Harp Ensemble
  • Master classes
  • Orchestra repertoire class
  • Pit orchestra for opera, dance and musical theater productions
  • Solo recitals
  • The Boston Conservatory Orchestra
  • Wind Ensemble
  • WorldFest (featuring international music and traditions)

Your Future

Your Boston Conservatory education can prepare you to audition for orchestras, to enter competitions, to work with composers, to master traditional recital repertoire, to develop unique singer-songwriter talents and repertoire, to create programs for school and community audiences and to arrange music for harp in a variety of genres. Our alumni are performing and teaching at prestigious organizations throughout the world, including:

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