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Proficiency Exams

MM Music Theory Proficiency Exams

During Orientation Week all incoming MM students take proficiency exams in Ear Training: Dictation, Ear Training: Sightsinging, Theory, and Music History. Entering MM students are expected to demonstrate knowledge and ability equivalent to that of students who have completed the BM course of study at The Boston Conservatory. The results of these proficiency exams determine the need to take any review courses. Students are expected to complete any review coursework within the first year of their MM program.

There are no make-up exams: students who do not take a Proficiency Exam during Orientation Week will be placed in the appropriate review course.

The day before spring semester classes begin Spring Start MM students have the opportunity to sit these exams.

Ear Training Dictation Proficiency Exam

Sunday, September 1. 2013
Seully Hall

Theory Proficiency Exam

Sunday, September 1. 2013
Seully Hall

Ear Training: Dictation Proficiency

The Ear Training Dictation exam consists of:
• transcription of intervals played both melodically and harmonically
• transcription of standard chords
• Roman numeral identification of simple harmonic progressions
• rhythmic dictation incorporating ties and syncopations
• two-part melodic dictation
• aural recognition of time-signatures and metric patterns

Theory Proficiency

Students are expected to be able to understand, imitate, and analyze standard modulatory techniques of the Common Practice Period. The Theory exam consists of:
• a short Roman numeral harmonic analysis
• composition of a modulating four phrase four-part chorale, the opening key and the closing key are given
• four-part chorale style harmonization of a bass line (without Roman numerals or figured bass)
• harmonic analysis of a Minuet and Trio taken from a string quartet 
• questions about the form of a given Baroque fugue 

Recommended for Review           
Marjorie Merryman
G. Schirmer
ISBN: 9780155026629


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