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Graduate Ear Training Review

MU 013 
Fall or Spring Semester
Credits: 1 
Prerequisites: none
Meetings: two 50 minute classes weekly and one 25 minute Dictation session weekly

Course Objectives

Incoming graduate students who may have had little ear training or whose skills need refreshing take this course. Its purpose is to cover as much ground as possible in one semester in both sightsinging and dictation skills. General objectives of this course are:

Sightsinging and Rhythm 
fluency in and understanding of
• treble, bass, alto, and tenor clefs
• fixed do solfége syllables
• singing and conducting
• irregular and changing meters 

Aural Analysis
aural recognition and identification of
• harmonic progressions
• chords, scales, and intervals
• form 

transcription of
• modulating tonal melodies
• two and four part dictation
• rhythmic dictation


All students are required to own a copy of this book

Johann Sebastian Bach          
Alfred Publishing Company, 1985
ISBN: 978-0769240916


This is a pass/fail course. Assessment of a student's successful completion of the course is based upon a combination of quizzes, homework, and class participation.        

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