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Testing Out

Undergraduate Music Theory

• Ear Training
• Harmony & Counterpoint

Exams for incoming students provide the department with information enabling us to place a student in the appropriate level of coursework. It is important that a student be familiar with all of the information covered in the Core Courses, and where appropriate to be able to demonstrate proficiency in all of the skills required. Consequently, there may be instances where a student who may know much of the course material will nevertheless be required to take a course in order to acquire a skill and/or study information that is new to him or her.

After the first semester of study a student wishing to test out of subsequent Core Courses must:
• have passed the immediate prerequisite course with a grade of A- or A.
• register to take the placement exam in an email sent to John Murphree,
   Assistant to the Chair no later than one month before the first day of the next semester.
• after registering to test out the student will be sent any midterm and final projects
   required of the course and complete them before the start of the next semester.
• take the placement exam at a specified time shortly before the next semester begins.
• pass the placement exam with a grade of B+ (87%) or higher.
• earn B+ (87%) or higher for both the Midterm assignment and the Final assignment

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