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Core Courses

The Music Core Course comprises a number of interrelated subjects which work most successfully when taken together in sequence and in the appropriate year.

Students are automatically registered for required Core Courses: Ear Training, Harmony & Counterpoint, Time & Rhythm, and Music History. If a student withdraws from or fails a course the Registrar's Office ensures that this student is re-registered the following year. The Registrar's Office will also remove students from classes for which they may have registered without the necessary prerequisite(s).

Undergraduate Music Core Course Sequence

Year 1  

MU113 Ear Training 1
MU115 Harmony & Counterpoint 1 (or remedial MU111 Music Fundamentals)
MU118 Time & Rhythm 1

MU114 Ear Training 2
MU116 Harmony & Counterpoint 2
MU119 Time & Rhythm 2
MU152 Music History 1: Ancient to Early Renaissance         

Year 2

MU213 Ear Training 3
MU215 Harmony & Counterpoint 3
MU251 Music History 2: Late Renaissance to Baroque**

MU214 Ear Training 4 
MU216 Harmony & Counterpoint 4
MU252: Music History 3: Classic       

Year 3

MU351 Music History 4: Romantic
Theory & Musicology Elective*

MU352 Music History 5: 20th and 21st Century
Theory & Musicology Elective*   

Year 4

Fall or Spring
Theory & Musicology Elective*

Voice majors' Theory sequence ends with Harmony & Counterpoint 4


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