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"Transformations" Opera Review

Melanie O'Neill of reviews The Boston Conservatory's November 15 performance of Conrad Susa's Transformations, saying, "The intimacy of The Boston Conservatory Theater proved a suitable venue for the modestly orchestrated work, which requires only 8 musicians. This atypical operatic orchestration brought intriguing new sound possibilities to Susa's music, but also exposed the vocal part, making an all around exceptional cast of singers necessary. Fortunately, The Boston Conservatory was equipped with a group of high-caliber young singing actors whose sensitivity captured the dichotomy of Susa and Sexton's morbid humor." Read the full review here.

Photography by Max Wagenblass. Featured: (TOP L-R) Salvatore Atti, Wesley Gentle (CENTER) Christina Pecce (BOTTOM L-R) Zachary Ballard, George Milosh.

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