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Paying Your Bill

The bills go out in June and November. Your financial aid will be listed on your bill as “Expected Funding.” The Expected Funding will be listed on the bill as long as the award letter has been signed and returned along with all requested documents. If all requested documents have not been sent, then your financial aid will not show up on your bill. If your financial aid does not show up on the bill and you have not paid your balance, you may receive a late fee of $200. If you do not have enough financial aid to cover your bill, then you must find the money another way (private loans, PLUS loans, outside scholarships, own pocket). If you do not have funding in place by the deadline, then you may receive a late fee of $200.

Most students do not get enough financial aid on their award letter to cover their balance. In that situation, there are the options listed below. To determine how much you can take out on these loans, figure out your Cost of Attendance and subtract the financial aid listed on your award letter. Please note that you do not have to take out your entire Cost of Attendance.

TuitionPay Payment Plan

The TuitionPay plan is an interest free, debt-free way to spread tuition payments over a number of months. The number of months is determined by when you join the plan. You can make your payments by check, credit card or eCheck or you can have the payments automatically deducted from your checking or savings account. Please call (800) 635-0120 or visit for more information.

Arrangements for installment payment through TuitionPay should be made by June of each year. The Conservatory does not offer deferred payment arrangements or installment payment programs other than through TuitionPay.

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