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Paying Your Bill

Bills become available on our online portal, Self Service, in June and November.  The Financial Aid Office has it's own portal called Net Partner.  If you're a new student, you will receive a hard copy award letter, but will then be introduced to Net Partner.  You will see your financial aid funds on Net Partner, but they could also be listed on Self Service as "Anticipated Aid".  If they are listed on Self Service, the bill will reflect how much you owe after your financial aid has been subtracted.  Your financial aid will only be listed on Self Service as long as you provide all the documents requested on Net Partner and then accept your aid on Net Partner.  

If all requested documents have not been sent or you have not accepted your awards, then your financial aid will not show up on Self Service. If your financial aid does not show up on Self Service and you have not paid the balance shown on Self Service, you may receive a late fee of $200.

If you do not have enough financial aid to cover your balance, then you must find the money another way (private loans, PLUS loans, outside scholarships, own pocket). If you do not have funding in place by the deadline, then you may receive a late fee of $200.

Most students do not get enough financial aid on their award letter to cover their balance. In that situation, there are the options listed below. To determine how much you can take out on these loans, look at your Cost of Attendance listed on Net Partner and subtract your financial aid. Please note that your Cost of Attendance does not reflect how much you owe the school.  It reflects approximately how much it costs to attend The Boston Conservatory for an academic year.

 For more information on  paying your bill, including our Tuition Payment Plan, please click here.

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