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Bresnick - Grace

Composer: Martin Bresnick

Title: Grace

Grace is a concerto for two marimbas and orchestra. The piece is a musical meditation on Heinrich von Kleist's brief essay "The Puppet Theatre". In the essay, two friends meeting in a public park discuss the concept of grace as suggested by a simple puppet show. During their conversation they observe, among other ideas, how easy it is to lose grace and what should be done to find it again. GRACE was commissioned by Ronald H. Martin, Jr. for his grandmother and written for marimbist Robert Van Sice.

Grace contains three movements:

  • I – Pendula and the Center of Gravity (The Puppet Theatre)
  • II- Of the Heaviness of Matter
  • III – Grace Will Return (most purely in a puppet or a god)

Annotated by Ethan Pani


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