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Percussion Database Downloads

Please enjoy these original etudes and exercises written by Boston Conservatory students as part of our Percussion Pedagogy class. They are free to download and share.

Original Etudes

Tom ReinmanFour Etudes for timpani, bongos, glockenspiel, and woodblocks.

WanNing ChenFour Etudes for "3 and 2" (snare drum) plus etudes for cymbals, tambourine, and triangle.

John Stapleton: Four Etudes for snare drum, bass drum, tambourine, and triangle.

Una ChengFour Etudes for snare drum, bass drum, cymbals, and triangle.

Mya PenningtonMelodic Snare Tunes Etude No. 1, the Christmas Edition

Taylor AmbrosioWoodViewer Discretion Advised, for snare drum and tape

Nian Shee Yon: Etude for timpani

Robert McCarthy: Four Etudes, "December Etude" (snare drum), Bass Drum Etude,Triangle Etude, and "Trips to the Carnival" (tambourine)

Christine Augspurger: Three Etudes, "Rolling with Sibelius" (timpani), "What's Up?" (triangle), and "1001 Nights" (tambourine) 

Daniel Pessalano: Four Etudes, for snare drum, triangle, tambourine, and cymbals

Tom Reaves: Gainsborough Etude for timpani 

Dani Fortner: Three Etudes, "Plotted Metrics" (BD, Cymbals duet), "Palindrome" (solo tambourine), and "Waltz Blend" (triangle and tambourine duet)

Dani Fortner: "6, 5 and 3" for snare drum

Brandon Ilaw: Three Etudes for Bass Drum, "Tune for Igor," "Bipolar," and "Bass. Drum?"

Matt Sharrock: "are we there yet?" for snare, kick drum, and crash cymbals mounted on a hihat stand

Laurent Warnier: Three Etudes: "Where did that come from?", "cause you're loud 'n you're soft...", and "Sleepyhead"

Laurent Warnier: 1st Study for Timpani

Nate Tucker: Three Pieces for Snare Drum, "Game of Pairs"

Ivan Wan: Three Etudes for Timpani

Original Exercises

Brandon Ilaw: An Excerise in Moeller, for snare drum

Dani Fortner: Variations on Ted Reed's "Syncopation"

David Luidens: 3 Snare Drum Exercises

Matt Sharrock: Accented Phone Book, Legato Rolls, and Pianissimo Fulcrum Builder

Tyler Flynt: 3 Snare Exercises

Ivan Wan: 5 Exercises

Jeremy Barnet: Jeremy's Drum Exercises

Nate Tucker: 5 Ways To Leave Your Lover

Karlyn Mason: Flam-a-doodles, The Oddly Even Triplet, and The Oddly Even Quintuplet

Jonathan Hess: 5 Snare Drum Exercises

Michael Daley: Bailey Inspired

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