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Leytham - Ostinatos for the Melodic Drumset

Title - Ostinatos for the Melodic Drumset

Author - Rob Leytham

"One of my favorite ways of teaching my students four-way coordination and melodic thought is with the use of ostinatos…. The best way of playing this book is through repetition and patience.  Learn and get comfortable with each of the ostinatos before playing the rhythmic or melodic solos.  You want each of the ostinatos to be played as though they were a motor skill.  This way, you can spend most of your time thinking about the rhythms and melody.  Make sure that you listen to your playing at all times, and keep the ostinato lower in volume than the melody.  Learn slowly, relax, count, and most importantly, have fun with this book." -- Ron Leytham

Posted by bocopercussion

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