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Pickering - The Drummer's Cookbook

Title: The Drummer's Cookbook

Author: John Pickering

"Rhythmically, rock has advanced by leaps and bounds.  As a result, much emphasis has been placed on the drummer.  This is one in a series of books and it deals with one of the most important aspects of rock drumming: RHYTHMIC IMPROVISATION.  The object of this text is to encourage and develop the drummer’s ability to create and develop his own ideas from a basic format.  Rock music is, or should be, a form of personal expression.  There can be no right or wrong ways to play.  Everything must be reduced to the individual level.  There should be very few general rules.  If something works for an individual, then for that particular drummer it is right.  If something works for you, do it!" – J. Pickering

Annotated by Brad Webb

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