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Psathas - Happy Tachyons

John Psathas

Happy Tachyons

Number of percussion players: 1 or 2 (Marimba part at end can be ommited if only one percussion player)

Total number of players: 2 or 3

Instrumentation: Marimba, Vibraphone & piano

Approximate time: 7:45



The composer writes: “Composed at the request of Evelyn Glennie, the technical demands of Happy Tachyons are deliberately pitched at the edge of what is humanly possible, particularly the passages where the percussionist is required to play both vibes and marimba simultaneously. The exuberant high spirits which pervade the piece reflect the fact that during its composition Carla and I were expecting our first child, Emanuel, who was busy preparing his entrance into this world.”



Annotated by Nicholas White



This can also be played by just one percussionist. In fact that's what it was written for originally. There is only one section at the end where it says for the marimba to be left out if there are not two players. Otherwise all parts where vibes and marimba play at the same time can be played by one person

Thanks Veronica.

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