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Timpani Method Books

Composer's Name Title Description
Abel, Alan 20th Century Timpani Studies Orchestral Excerpts
Beck, John Concepts for Timpani  
Begun, Fred Twenty-one Etudes Etudes
Carlyss, Gerald The Symphonic Repertoire for Timpani Orchestral Repertoire
Carter, Elliott 8 Pieces for Four Timpani Solos
Cirone, Anthony The Orchestral Timpanist  
Cirone, Anthony Portraits for Timpani Etudes
Delecluse, Jacques 20 Studies for Timpani Etudes 
Delecluse, Jacques 50 Daily Exercises for Timpani Exercises
Firth, Vic The Solo Timpanist Etudes
Friese/Lepak Timpani Method Exercises and Etudes
Gay, Kirk Pedal to the Kettle Etudes and Solos
Goldenberg, Morris Classical Overtues for Timpani Orchestral Repertoire
Goldenberg, Morris Classical Symphonies for Timpani Orchestral Repertoire
Goldenberg, Morris Romantic Symphonies for Timpani Orchestral Repertoire
Goodman, Saul Modern Method for Timpani Exercises, Etudes, and Orchestral Repertoire
Hinger, Fred Solos for the Virtuoso Timpanist Etudes
Hinger, Fred Technique for the Virtuoso Timpanist  
Hinger, Fred Timpani Player's Orchestral Repertoire, Vol 1-6 Orchestral Repertoire and analysis
Hochrainer, Richard Etuden for Timpani, Vols. 1-3 Etudes
Horner, Ronald The Tuneful Timpanist  
Keune, Eckehardt Pauken Etudes
Leonard, Stanley 17 Technical Studies for Kettledrums Etudes
Leonard, Stanley Orchestral Repertoire for Timpani Orchestral Repertoire
Leonard, Stanley Pedal Technique for Timpani Exercises and Etudes
Lepak, Alexander 32 Solos for Timpani Etudes
Lepak, Alexander 50 Master Etudes for Timpani Etudes
Macarez, Frederic Timp-Top (12 Etudes) Etudes
Macarez, Frederic Un pas de plus (10 etudes for Timpani) Etudes
Orfaly, Alex Studies in Copper Etudes
Payton, Jeffrey The Musical Timpanist  Solos
Peters, Mitchell Fundamental Method for Timpani  
Peters, Mitchell Fundamental Solos for Timpani Etudes
Peters, Mitchell Intermediate Timpani Studies  
Schinstine, William The Developing Solo Timpanist  
Schinstine, William Tymp Tunes  
Tafoya, John The Working Timpanist's Survival Guide Orchestral Repertoire and Anaylsis 
Whaley, Garwood Fundamental Studies for Timpani  
Whaley, Garwood Musical Studies for the Intermediate Timpanist Etudes
Whaley, Garwood Primary Handbook for Timpani  
Whaley, Garwood Solos and Duets for Timpani Etudes
Williams, Jan Variations for Solo Timpani Etude
Woud, Nick Musical Studies for Pedal Timpani Etudes
Wuod, Nick Symphonic Studies for Timpani Etudes
Woud, Nick Timpani Challenge  
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