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Tompkins - March

Author: Joe Tompkins

Title: March

Number of Players: 1

Instrumentation: Snare Drum and Kick Drum

Approx. Length: 1:30 Min.

Composer's notes:

"March" was written for the 2009 Atlanta Symphony Modern Snare Drum Competition. It is intended to be performed with a small (20-22"), resonant bass drum played with a pedal. The bass drum maintains a pianissimo dynamic throughout the work, the the performer should stand while playing. The piece employs some of the rhythms found in Guy LeFevre's "Progressive Etudes for Snare Drum – vol. 2," particularly embedded triplet figures and quintuplets over the half note. The bass drum is simply a reference point for the listener's ear.

-Joe Tompkins

Categories: Snare Drum, Solo, Rudimental

Annotated by Chase Bronstein

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