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Transportation and Commuting

Order your Fall 2016 MBTA T-Pass TODAY! 
DEADLINE: AUGUST 5th by 5:00pm. 

Public Transportation Passes

The Boston Conservatory/Berklee has a relationship with the MBTA, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, or known to Bostonians as "The T" to offer students discounted semester passes. Information about the monthly T-Pass program is available online, in the Student Resource Center, and will be emailed to all students at the end of each term.

Please take a look at the Monthly T-Pass Information issued by the MBTA for details on the different types of passes. This is useful in deciding which pass to purchase. 

**NOTE**  Participating in the monthly T-Pass program is optional. If you are a new incoming student living on campus you may find that you do not need a monthly T-Pass, but if you decide you are interested in participating in the monthly T-Pass, most students find that the monthly LINK Pass is a good choice. The LINK Pass gives you access to the standard subway system (Blue, Orange, Green, Red, & Silver Lines) as well as all Local Bus Routes and Trackless Trolley Routes.


The alternative to the monthly T-Pass is the CharlieCard. The CharlieCard is a 'smart card' that stores value for single or multiple-rides. You load the card with value using cash, credit/debit cards, or recharge online.

CharlieCards are currently available for Subway and Bus use only. For more information on the CharlieCard visit the MBTA website. Students will be able to purchase a CharlieCard anytime during the semester at most T stations. 

The closest T station to campus that issues CharleCards is the Hynes Green Line station located less than a 5 minute walk from campus at the corner of Massachusetts Ave and Newbury Street.

Commuter Lockers

A limited number of lockers are available to commuters and are located in the basement of 8 The Fenway.

  • Lockers are available on a first-come first-serve basis.
  • Lockers are only available for full-time students.
  • Locker sign-up will be available for all commuter students beginning on the first day of classes.

Any additional questions? 

Student Resource Center
24 Fenway

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