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Setting Up Student Email

Welcome to The Boston Conservatory!  Your email account will be available to access by July 1.

If you did not receive your email password from us, please email the Help Desk:

  • Please note that email is used for all communication at the Conservatory.
  • It is your responsibility to regularly check your email.
  • After July 1, we will communicate with you via this email only.

Your Email Account

Your email account username is your first name and your last name, joined by an underscore:

PLEASE NOTE: we have dropped spaces dashes and apostrophes from your name.


Your initial password has been sent to the non-Boston Conservatory email address that we have on file for you. If you do not receive your password from us by June 30th, please feel free to email or call the Help Desk.

Password Requirements

  • DO use at least 8 characters
  • DO use both UPPERCASE and lowercase LeTTerS
  • DO use numb3rs
  • DO use punctuat!on and speci@l character$
  • Do NOT use one of your last three passwords
  • Do NOT use your username, displayed name or email address

Other Guidelines 

Never use your name, birthday, pet’s name, telephone number, license plate number or any other significant personal number(s) or dates.

Accessing Your Email Account

Click on the Student Email link at the bottom or top of every Boston Conservatory page.

How to get Help or (617) 912-9299. The IT office is in room 003 on the lower level of 8 The Fenway. Stop by and say hello! We will do our best to assist

you in as timely a fashion as possible. Thank you!


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