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Community Living Policies

You and your guests are under a continuous obligation to be considerate of others, including other residents and off-campus neighbors. Inconsiderate behavior, including irresponsible behavior resulting from the use of alcohol or other drugs and excessive noise, is prohibited.

  • Any threatened or actual physical violence or verbal or written harassment of The Boston Conservatory faculty, staff, students, or guests will not be tolerated. Physical violence or actual or threatened assault or injury to another person in the residence halls may result in suspension from the residence halls and/or The Boston Conservatory.
  • Rape, including acquaintance/date rape, and sexual assault in any form are not tolerated.
  • Any behavior that attempts to force a roommate to move out or prevent a roommate from moving in is prohibited.
  • Conduct that endangers the safety of property or the health and safety of others is prohibited. You are obligated to report dangerous or disruptive activities to the Residence Life staff or other Boston Conservatory officials.
  • The unauthorized change of residence hall rooms is prohibited. There is a three-week freeze at the beginning of the school year during which no one can switch rooms.
  • Failure to comply with the directions of Residence Life staff members in the performance of their duties is prohibited.
  • The Boston Conservatory reserves the right to confiscate items prohibited by this guide, the Student Handbook, and the housing contract and is under no obligation to return such items to the student. Items that may be confiscated include, but are not limited to, alcohol and other drugs (or paraphernalia), candles (burned or not burned), illegal appliances, and weapons of any kind. 
  • Violation of residence hall policies on overnight guests is prohibited. 
  • The presence of an unauthorized person in a resident’s room is prohibited except as permitted by Boston Conservatory officials or residence life staff as stated in the Student Handbook.
  • Hostile conduct or behavior that might incite violence or interfere with any individual or group’s education, work, or living environment at The Boston Conservatory is prohibited.
  • Students may not throw or drop objects from windows or down stairways. Setting objects on ledges or in hallways or other dangerous places also constitutes a violation of policy.
  • Students are not allowed access to the roof, fire escapes, or balconies except in the case of a fire or other serious emergencies.
  • Students are not allowed to possess hazardous chemicals, firearms, dangerous weapons, fireworks, or realistic replicas of dangerous weapons.
  • Propping open any residence door, stairwell door, exterior door, or security door is strictly forbidden.
  • The unauthorized use or duplication of keys is strictly forbidden. Keys issued to an individual resident are not to be given or loaned to another individual for any reason.
  • Gambling is not allowed in the residence halls. 
  • Residents may not knowingly furnish false information to Residence Life staff or any other Boston Conservatory officials. 
  • The unauthorized possession of Conservatory property or the property of any person while on Conservatory premises is prohibited. 
  • The Boston Conservatory does not permit the use of its facilities for the solicitation of contributors for outside religious, charitable, or political organizations or activity.
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