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The Housing Review Board

The Housing Review Board has been established to review cases in which students wish to be released from some aspect of their housing contract. The Housing Review Board consists of the Dean of Students, the Director of Housing and Student Life, the  Director of Financial Aid, and the Vice President for Finance and Planning or his designee.

The following guidelines have been established and are rigorously enforced:

  • If you wish to propose a change in your housing contract, you must petition the Housing Review Board in writing through the Director of  Housing and Student Life.
  • Students may be released from their housing  contract only because of extreme financial need or medical problems. Petitions to break a contract must be supported by detailed evidence from doctors, parents, the Office of Financial Aid, or other relevant sources.
  • Students will be released from the meal plan based on extreme medical problems. An explicit doctor’s letter is required for all medical excuses and must be accompanied by a detailed copy of the student’s diet. No petition for release from the meal plan will be considered unless the student has previously met with the Director of Food Services and the Director of Housing and Student Life.
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