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The 2015 Wellness Challenge

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The Boston Conservatory’s 2015 Wellness Challenge

The 2015 Wellness Challenge will take place from Monday, February 16th to Monday, March 15th.

What: The 2015 Wellness Challenge is a way for the Boston Conservatory community to come together and strengthen healthy habits, create new ones, and support each other! Each week of the challenge will include programs and events on-campus to help our community experience and explore different dimensions of wellness. There are also a number of activities people will do on their own. All these activities have points associated with them (some more than others!) and will be tracked each week on this website. At the end of the 4 weeks, the 3 students and 3 employees with the most points will win prizes!

Who: The Wellness Challenge is open to ALL Boston Conservatory community members (students, staff, and faculty)

When: The challenge is 4 weeks long starting Monday, February 16th and ending March 15th. Each week has a theme:

  • Week 1: Nutrition
  • Week 2: Personal Health
  • Week 3: Emotional and Social Wellness
  • Week 4: Physical Activity

How: Want to get involved? It's easy!

  • If you are a student, click the student link below, if you are an employee, click the employee link below
  • Fill out the online registration form (in the link below) between Monday, January 26th 2015 and Sunday, February 15th, 2015 and come pick up your Wellness Challenge t-shirt in the Counseling and Wellness Center, lower level of 32 The Fenway
  • EMPLOYEES ONLY: When you register, you must also register for the Blue Cross Blue Shield Healthy Me website. This is for ALL employees, not just those who have Boston Conservatory insurance. If you have our insurance, you can use the information on your insurance card to login. If you do not have our insurance, you should have received a letter in the mail from Blue Cross Blue Shield with information on how to sign up for the website. If you have any questions about signing up for the website, please contact Alyssa Ozimek-Mair at or 617-912-9213
  • Take a month to work your way towards wellness (remember - wellness is more than just being physically fit)!
  • At the beginning of the week, look at the weekly activities (located in the coresponding weekly boxes to the right on this page) and plan what activities you will complete
  • Fill out and submit weekly activity score surveys (located in the coresponding boxes to the right on this page and remeber...Honesty is the BEST policy!)
  • Attend Wellness Challenge affiliated programs on campus and earn extra points (Events are listed in the student and employee links)
  • Attend our Wellness Challenge Finale in March to see who the winners are and congratulate everyone who participated
  • Congratulate yourself for dedicating 4 weeks to improving your wellness! 



Questions? Contact the Director of Wellness Services at 617-912-9260 or

*Adapted with Permission from Suffolk University
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