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Consumer Information

Pursuant to the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, academic institutions must make certain information available to current and prospective students.  The required information can be seen under the following categories:

General Information



  • Registrar's Office Information
  • Contact Jeffrey Kinnamon, the Registrar, at 617-912-9146 for Enrollment information
  • Diversity of Student Body (enrolled full time students) - Institutions must make available to current and prospective students information about student body diversity, including the percentage of enrolled, full-time students who:
      • are male;
      • are female;
      • are a self-identified member of a major racial or ethnic group; and
      • receive a Federal Pell Grant>

The following statistics are taken from the College Navigator.

In Fall 2014, The Boston Conservatory’s student body was made up of the following:

  • Male: 38%
  • Female: 62%

Self Identified Race/Ethnicity:

  • American Indian or Alaska Native: 0%
  • Asian: 7%
  • Black or African American: 5%
  • Hispanic/Latino: 8%
  • Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander: 0%
  • White: 57%
  • Two or more races: 2%
  • Race/ethnicity unknown: 11%
  • Non resident alien: 12%

Pell Grant Recipients - 18% of the school's total enrollment in the academic year 2013/14 were Pell Grant recipients

Graduation and Retention Rates (statistics taken from College Navigator)

  • The Graduation Rate for students who started in 2008 is 66%
  • The First to Second year Retention Rate for first time students pursuing a Bachelors degree who started in Fall 2013 and returned in Fall 2014, is 89%.

Privacy Rights (Family Educational Right to Privacy Act – FERPA)

Withdrawal policy page 10 of the Conservatory Catalog


Financial Aid

Financial Aid Penalties: Possession
Possession of a Controlled Substance Ineligibility Period
First Offense 1 year
Second Offense 2 years
Third Offense Indefinite
Financial Aid Penalties: Sale
Sale of a Controlled Substance Ineligibility Period
First Offense 2 years
Second Offense Indefinite

A student whose eligibility has been suspended based on a conviction for possession or sale of a controlled substance may resume eligibility before the end of the ineligibility period if:

  1. the student satisfactorily completes a drug rehabilitation program that:
    1. complies with the criteria prescribed in the federal regulations;
    2. and includes two unannounced drug tests
  2. the student successfully passes two unannounced drug tests conducted by a drug rehabilitation program that complies with the criteria prescribed in the federal regulations; or
  3. the conviction is reversed, set aside, or otherwise rendered nugatory.
  • Net Price Calculator – is used to find estimates of a student’s financial aid based on their FAFSA information. Institutional aid is included in the Net Price Calculator based on what students received in previous years. Applicants should know, however, that institutional aid is not based on a student's FAFSA information. It is based on the merit of the audition. FAFSA information will be considered If it's filled out by the time of scholarship deliberations, but the primary factor will be the merit of the audition.
  • 2013/14 Pell Grant Recipients made up 18% of the Conservatory's undergraduate population (statistic taken from College Navigator)
  • State grant assistance



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