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Add/Drop/Withdrawal from Courses

Students may drop or add a class during the first two weeks of classes with no financial implications, as long as they remain within their allowable full time credit load. (Credit loads are detailed in the student handbook). The start and end dates of the “Add/Drop Period” are clearly listed on the Academic Calendar. View Add/Drop forms.  

After the two week Add/Drop Period, and up to the end of the 10th week of a semester, students may choose to withdraw from a course without academic penalty; however, a grade of W will appear on the student’s transcript. Students may officially withdraw from a course up to the end of the 10th week of the semester. After the 10th week, withdrawals are no longer permitted. Course withdrawal deadlines are clearly posted in the Academic Calendar

Change of Address 

Name/address information can be changed through the Office of the Registrar by completing the personal information form (PIF)

Name changes require copies of legal documentation of the change (such as a marriage certificate).  

You can make the request in the following ways:  

  • Mail: Send either the personal information form (PIF) or a letter stating your request to our mailing address: Office of the Registrar, 8 The Fenway, Boston MA 02215.
  • Fax: Fax the request, including information listed above, to fax number: 617.912.9221.
  • Email: Send the request, including information listed above, to our email address:
  • In Person: Come to the office and drop off your request.

Enrollment Verification 

Verification of enrollment may be necessary for a variety of reasons (health and car insurance, travel discounts, immigration purposes, financial aid/scholarship). 

Enrollment Verification can be requested in a variety of ways. In each case, please include your full name, Social Security number and address to which you would like the verification mailed. You can request verification via the following: 


Grade reports are mailed to students after the end of each semester. Fall and spring grade reports will be mailed to the student’s grade delivery address. Grades will be released only if all financial obligations to The Boston Conservatory have been satisfied.

Leave of Absence 

Students who wish to take a leave of absence need to complete the Withdrawal / Leave of Absence Form and submit the completed form to the Registrar's Office. A leave of absence allows a student to return to the Conservatory at any registration period for up to one year from the start of the leave without the necessity of re-applying and re-auditioning. Students on scholarship who are in good academic standing will retain their award when returning to the Conservatory from a leave of absence not greater than one year.


Students are responsible for registering in the courses necessary for the completion of their degree requirements. Degree requirements can be found here

Transfer Credit Evaluations 

Students wishing to transfer credits to The Boston Conservatory from other accredited collegiate institutions must submit transcripts from the post-secondary schools they have attended, together with a catalog showing course descriptions.

The maximum number of credits that may be transferred from other institutions toward an undergraduate degree is 75; no more than 6 credits may be used toward a graduate degree. Only courses with grades of C or better will be considered for undergraduate transfer credit. Graduate courses will be accepted toward a Boston Conservatory graduate degree if the grades earned were B- or better. Transfer credit is not accepted toward the Graduate Performance Diploma or Professional Studies Certificate programs.


Transcripts can be requested through the Registrar’s Office.  In order to protect the confidentiality of your records, your signature is required to release your transcript. You can do this in two ways:  

  • Mail: Send the Transcript Request Form to our mailing address: Office of the Registrar, 8 The Fenway, Boston MA 02215.
  • In person: Come to the office and drop off your request. Transcript Request Forms are available in the literature rack just outside the office.

Please include the following information:  

  • Full name (including last name when you attended The Boston Conservatory)
  • Signature
  • Dates of attendance
  • Program you were in or Degree you received. Please reference the class(es) you took if you were not enrolled in a degree program.
  • Daytime phone number
  • Number of transcripts you would like
  • Address(es) to which you would like them mailed 

There is a charge of $5 per transcript, payable via check or money order, payable to The Boston Conservatory.

For FedEx delivery within the United States, please add $25. For FedEx request outside of the United States, please provide your FedEx account number.

Transcript requests are generally processed within one week.. 

Please note that all financial obligations to the college must be resolved before transcripts may be released. You will be contacted should outstanding financial obligations prevent the release of your transcripts.

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