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Transfer Credit Policy

Students wishing to transfer credits to The Boston Conservatory from other accredited collegiate institutions must submit transcripts from the post-secondary schools they have attended, together with a catalog showing course descriptions. In some cases, the student may be asked to submit a course syllabus. 

The maximum number of credits that may be transferred from other institutions toward an undergraduate degree is 75; no more than 6 credits may be used toward a graduate degree. Only courses with grades of C or better will be considered for undergraduate transfer credit. Graduate courses will not be accepted toward a Boston Conservatory degree unless the grades earned were B or better. 

All courses in traditional arts and sciences disciplines may be accepted for Liberal Arts elective credit. New matriculates and/or transfer students should have a full transfer credit evaluation completed by September 1, unless the Conservatory does not have full transcript documentation of previous work. In the event that official documentation is missing, the Registrar will work with the student to procure such documentation as soon as possible. 

Upon completion of the evaluation, a letter will be given to the new student explaining the number of credits and the courses fulfilled to meet the degree requirements according to the student’s curriculum. In the event that the student believes the transfer evaluation is inaccurate or incomplete, he or she may speak with the Registrar to go over the evaluation. 

In general, transfer students matriculating at The Boston Conservatory should anticipate that their class standing will not be the same as it was at their previous institution. Students wishing to clarify questions of class standing should meet with the Dean or Associate Dean of Academic Operations of the Conservatory in the first weeks of their first semester. Once enrolled, transfer students must assume responsibility for verifying that credits have been transferred and requirements are being addressed. All previous work must be evaluated and processed within one year or enrollment at the Conservatory. Students already enrolled in a degree or diploma program at the Conservatory who wish to earn credits through courses at other institutions are encouraged to seek prior approval of the courses to be taken from the Registrar. This will ensure clarity both as to whether or not the course(s) in question can be accepted for credit toward a Conservatory degree and as to whether or not they will satisfy specific Liberal Arts or Major requirements.


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