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Alexander Technique, One-on-One Sessions

Alexander Technique, One-on-One Sessions

Students can take 4 free one-on-one Alexander Technique sessions. The sessions deal with performance and practice issues; treat/prevent stress and injury; and release/manage tension. The Alexander Technique helps students understand their movement patterns and how to improve performance and comfort. They also find practical ways to manage everyday stress.

Alexander Technique will be offered on various Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings/afternoons throughout the semester. Students can sign up for 2 half hour individual sessions per semester (4 a year). Please note: If you are a no show for more than 1 session, you will not be allowed to schedule another during that academic year. Alexander Technique sessions will be done in room 102 in The Counseling and Wellness Center, 32 The Fenway, Lower Level. Sign up for a session. If you have questions about Alexander Technique, please email or

Our Provider

headshot of diane hovenesianDiane Hovenesian is a certified Alexander Technique Teacher and maintains a private practice, Healing Well Studio, in Medfield, MA. In 2000, she graduated from the Alexander Technique Center of Cambridge, a three-year certification course. Her further training and continuing study includes Subtle Energy Healing (INEH), Actor’s Secret (a combination of Alexander Technique, Breathing Coordination, and Somatic Experiencing developed and taught by Betsy Polatin), meditation, and yoga. She has been a visiting lecturer in the Acting Division, School of Theatre at Boston University College of Fine Arts. She is a former part-time faculty member in the Visual and Performing Arts Department, Clark University, where she taught Public Speaking and Movement for the Performing Artist: The Alexander Technique from 2001 to 2008. A graduate of Connecticut College, she is a musician, writer, and lifelong learner.

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