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Walter Valeri

Liberal Arts (Italian I and II ) Faculty

Walter Valeri earned his M.A. in performing arts from the ART/MAXT Institute at Harvard University in 2000 and began his teaching career in 1999 at Harvard University, teaching several courses in Italian language and dramatic literature.

Valeri is a published poet, playwright and scholar. His collection of poetry, Canzone dell’amante infelice, was awarded Italy’s national literary prize, the Mondello. He has edited a standard sourcebook on Dario Fo, Fabulazzo, and is the author of various essays, including Franca Rame, A Woman on StageAn Actor’s TheaterLa via dei teatri and Donna de Paradiso. An anthology of his poems, Deliri fragili, was published in 2006. Valeri's recent essay on the theater as an instrument of Italian language and culture learning appeared in Set the Stage! Italian Language, Literature and Culture Through Theater (Yale University Press). 

Valeri has translated several dramatic, fiction, screen and poetry texts into Italian: Which Side Are You On? by Ken Loach, Carlino by Stuart Hood, Les Aveugles by Maurice Maeterlink, Memory of War by James Fenton, Knepp and Krinski  by Jorge Goldenberg, Adramelech  by Valere Novarina, Nobody Dies on Friday by Robert Brustein, Eight Poems by Sam Cornish and The Dear Remote Nearness of You (in collaboration with Pina Piccolo by Danielle Legros Georges) and Mistero Buffo by Dario Fo (as a new American translation in collaboration with Bob Scanlan in Boston 2016), among others. Valeri has also authored and produced several plays around the world: Ed ella a me (Italy 2014), Radiosa/Isadora (Italy, 2010), Arlecchino e il profumo dei soldi (Boston, 2000), Pulcinella e il coccodrillo lunare (Paris, 1993), Colchide (Milan, 1991), Colchide (prodouced and aired on Italian national broadcasting company, RAI,  in 1994), Firuli, friuli, friula (Milan and Paris 1988) and Il vento in testa (Como, Italy 1984). He adapted with Karin Coonrod and produced The Merchant in Venice (Italy, 2016), Fabulazioni della Resistenza from Dario Fo e Franca Rame (Forli’, Italy, 2009), Antigone from Sophocles (Italy 2007), Donna de Paradiso (Cesena, Italy 2006), Al dio ignoto (Forli’, Italy, 2005), Laude in Urbiswith Karin Coonrod Orvieto (Italy, 2004), Enrico IV  by Luigi Pirandello, with Karin Coonrod (Cambridge, MA, 2003), Piove sul diluvio by Tonino Guerra (Festival di Santarcangelo, Italy, 2003), Processo a Gesù by Diego Fabbri (Forli’, Italy, 2002).

Valeri is a regular contributor to Italy’s leading theatrical and poetry journals, Sipario, Teatri delle Diversità and La Macchina Sognante. He continues to be active in Italy as artistic and program director of the International Poetry Festival L’Orecchio di Dioniso (Forli’, Italy).

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