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Walter Valeri

Liberal Arts (Italian I and II ) Faculty

Walter Valeri earned his M.A. in performing arts from the ART/MAXT Institute at Harvard University in 2000 and began his teaching career in 1999 at Harvard University, teaching several courses in Italian language and dramatic literature.

Valeri is a published poet, playwright and scholar. His collection of poetry, Canzone dell’amante infelice, was awarded Italy’s national literary prize, the Mondello. He has edited a standard sourcebook on Dario Fo, Fabulazzo (1994), and is the author of various essays including Franca Rame, A Woman on Stage (2000), An Actor’s Theater (2001), La via dei teatri (2001) and Donna de Paradiso (2006). An anthology of his poems, Deliri fragili was published in 2006. Valeri's recent essay on the theater as an instrument of Italian language and culture learning appeared in Set the Stage! Italian Language, Literature and Culture Through Theater (Yale University Press 2008). He is also a regular contributor to Italy’s leading theatrical and poetry journals Sipario and Teatri delle Diversità.

Valeri continues to be active in Italy as founder and artistic director of the International Theater Summer Workshop Cantiere Internazionale Teatro Giovani di Forlì and Il Porto dei Poeti, produced by the University of Bologna and the cities of Forlì and Cesenatico.

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